Fallout NV 2: Electric Boogaloo (OC concept)

New Vegas 2 concept:

Lore – 30 years after the Legion took over the strip, the NCR scattered in confusion after the defeat, with most remaining members driven into Mexico. Caesar, with access to House's knowledge of Vegas throughout history, contracted a new version of the Caesar's Palace casino be built. The BOS are no more on the West Coast following the bunker demolition.

As Caesar's condition worsened and depression following the death of Arcade left him disenfranchised, he grew careless and dissatisfied. The courier, through his encounters with both Ulysses and Joshua Graham, knew what had to be done and assassinated him, fleeing to New Canaan. His successor, Legate Lanius, ruled with an iron fist and remained a divisive figure for New Vegas. Internal conflict erupted after the revered Vulpes had his leg amputated by Lanius as punishment for his tactics at Searchlight. Vulpes orchestrated a coup, having Lanius killed by a group of legionnaires loyal to him and crowning "Gaius", a low ranking legionnaire, as the emperor of New Vegas as a sort of puppet leader that he can control.

Unfortunately for him, Gaius has now become an eccentric and unhinged libertine. A loved and feared icon, with Vulpes now trying to correct the mistake he made.

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The Followers, who were allowed safe entry from the Mormon Fort, have now fractured into two opposing sides: Violent punk anarchists bent on distribution and chem-abusing hippies. The hippies are derided for their wastefulness of resources and the anarchists for the fact that they're no different than raiders to most. Enough speaking with some members will lead them to reveal prior association with NCR/BOS/Enclave/Kings.

The Khans split, with those that stayed being assimilated, much to their chagrin, opening their own casinos or fleeing. They're ready to make a return and in a big way.


POV vomiting, look up, a band of alternative burning man looking mfs invite you to come party with them. Cut to rave like int, gunshots are heard, turn around, knocked out by legionnaire.

Wake up, in prison, an old grey Vulpes hobbles up on bionic peg leg and shoots a guy begging for his life. He turns to you, empties the mag and says "you've had a run of good luck, you've won the lottery". He gives a bit of exposition about how you need to fight for your freedom in a gladiatorial match (tutorial). After the match, he explains wearily that while you're free to go, he thinks you could benefit from his guidance.

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A whole bunch of different endings.
1. Side with Gaius, have Vulpes killed, carry out missions for him.
2. Side with Vulpes, ascend to the throne while doing his bidding.
3. Kill Vulpes and Gaius, become Emperor, do whatever you want to shape Vegas.
4. Side with ancom nerds basically create ingame CHAZ.
5. Side with hippies, basically restore Vegas through pacifism
6. Side with Khans, create an "equal" "modern" Vegas
7. Meet courier in remote location, help him mend Vegas after he/she left
8. Kill Vulpes, install companion as Emperor

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