Fallout: The Eastern Shores- A map I made for a Fallout PNP Campaign set in Malaysia

I made a map that a few of the folks over at r/imaginarymaps thought was intriguing so I figured I'd share it here as well as some light lore and background. I made this mostly because I was disappointed that very little was said about Asia despite being a main force in the Fallout universe.



There are no vaults in Malaya, only a few shelters. As a result swaths of the populace were incinerated, with the 'lucky' survivors turning into ghouls. Explorers in ships from the West have sparked a fierce battle to control the Peninsula and subsequently the Malaccan Strait.

Kingdom of Malaya – A Kingdom of the ghoul survivors from the bombed pre-war capital of Neo Lumpur. They promote an ideology of Ghoul Supremacy, led by the enigmatic Ghoul King who wrested control in a bloody revolution over the Federation. No other faction deserves Malaya other than the original inhabitants that once resided.

The Protectorate – From the shelter of the Fortress City of Penang emerged technologically advanced survivors. Surrounded by salvage, their society evolved to value pragmatic engineering. Having the only working battleship, they aim to project a sphere of Protection around the Peninsula, practicing indentured servitude to get the manpower necessary.

United Communist League – Little is known about the UCL, only that they came from the communist occupied territory to the North between Thailand and Malaya. It was thought that the bombs wiped them out along with their ideology, but this changed when a sea of Red swarmed in from the North. They aim to liberate the Peninsula from inequality.

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The Caliphate – What started out as an alliance of villages to cull the rapidly growing horrors that emanated from the great jungle became a state. They pride themselves on knowledge, forming a House of Wisdom from an old library that survived the attacks. They have no imperialistic desires, but only that they will defend themselves and educate others on history.

Lion – After the revolution, where the Federation once practiced equality they now find themselves under Ghoul favored politics. An attempt to fight for a meritocratic system led to their removal from the Kingdom, forcing their hand to seize fresh water supplies on the Peninsula. They are on the edge of survival, removing themselves from the battle for the Peninsula.


Fallout has always had a special place in my heart for the longest time. The idea of a world culturally stuck in 1950s amidst an increased communist presence was very alluring. Especially interesting was the fact that the 1950s was a time of decolonization within Asia, of which all had struggles with communism. Combined with the tense contemporary geopolitics of the South China Sea, I thought that SE Asia was one of the more interesting backdrops that a Fallout setting that could take place.

Because the timeline diverges after WWII, this ends up being perfect for crafting new histories and relationships for these countries. I realized with a few differences (like stronger support from Soviet Russia and/or China) the conflicts that arose from decolonization can mean very different things for these burgeoning nations. The idea of utilizing these smaller nations by the superpowers to fight Proxy Wars (like in Indochina) is something we can still see today.

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With the significance of the Malaccan Strait and a history of colonization, I based the setting as a commentary on current issues while drawing inspiration from history.


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