Fallout: The Ozarks, my concept for a new game

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Fallout: The Ozarks

Instead of being set around a major urban center, this game is set around a major geographical feature: the Ozark Plateau. For those unfamiliar, this region encompasses land across several states, but this game will center around Southern Missouri and Northern Arkansas. The region is defined not only by its mountain ranges and plateaus, but by its extensive network of rivers which combined create a larger coastline that that of California.

The game begins inside a military facility, the player character wakes up in some sort of barracks room and proceeds to a nearby sink to get ready (this is where we pick the physical characteristics of our player), and then they leave the room. Outside of the room we can see that the facility belongs to the Enclave, and the player character is Enclave personnel. We dont walk far before an NPC (probably an Enclave officer) tells the player character that they need a new ID badge because theirs is outdated, and we are directed to a location where the player character’s name, SPECIAL stats, and first perk is chosen. In this game, your first perk will relate to your classification and have an impact on your SPECIAL (Officer +1 CH, Scientist +1 Int, Infantry +1 En, etc).

The Enclave are making preparations to resurface in the Ozark Region. Before the war, the Enclave was able to build one of its massive military facilities in Northern Arkansas where they believe there would be little fallout from a nuclear conflict. The Enclave was also able to leverage the pre-war government into moving some highly important technology that they believe would be essential to the “rebuilding” process into installations in the region.

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The quest will largely surface around this expedition, as the player character will be dispatched on a vertibird with a small squad of troops to establish a checkpoint. When the vertibird is shot down, leaving the player character as the only survivor, they will be introduced to the wasteland and its factions. While the player begins as Enclave personnel, they will have a choice as to whether they wish to return to the base and remain with the Enclave or defect to the wasteland and/or join one of the other factions.

Other Factions in the Ozarks:

The Kingdom of Eden: The prime objective of Vault 5 was to test the relationship between religion and established hierarchy, as well as the religiosity of those held in isolation after a major disaster. The vault’s overseer was selected through standard vault-tec hiring guidelines, as if they were hiring for a control vault. The inhabitants were comprised of a small collection of atheists and agnostics, which included the Overseer and security, and a evangelical pastor and his flock. In addition to the typical Vault-Tec amenities, Vault 5 included a chapel. While vault-tec may have expected a religious coup within the vault, the vault’s inhabitants were able to avoid violence. Due to the extended isolation, extreme stress, and the survivor’s guilt experienced by the residents, many of those that entered the vault in the non-religious minority eventually converted. One important factor to this outcome was the pastor himself who, in addition to being extremely charismatic, often restrained his flock from tension with outsiders. The descendants of this vault would go on to form The Kingdom of Eden, a theocratic society that is centered in the settlement of New Eden, and run by the recently ordained King David IX. The Kingdom relies heavily on the vast waterways of the Ozarks, which they not only use for trade but their sacred ritual of Baptism. As such, the Kingdom plays an active role in patrolling and protecting these rivers, which has made the region safe for traders and refugees from across the southern wastes. There are those within the Kingdom of Eden that want to see the pacification of its reach stretch across the Mississippi River. While they are deeply religious, they maintain amicable relationships with non-religious wastelanders, who trade with them, use their waterways, and often serve as a source of converts. The Kingdom is also unique for its open acceptance of ghouls and super mutants, which their members liken to Job of the Old Testament. Still, the Kingdom draws a hardline on other issues such as chem use, prostitution, slavery, theft, and murder.

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The Razorbacks: A syndicate of raiders originally not native to the Ozarks, but who were attracted to the region for its lucrative geography. Hailing from Central Arkansas and a town called “The Rock”, and taking the name of the feral hogs that were popular in Arkansas before the war. The gang is nomadic in nature and thrives off its sale of chems to the wastelanders and raiding caravans, but its savageness is matched only by the gangs ambition and enterprise. As such, the Ozark waterways offer the syndicate an opportunity to move chems quickly across the region and potentially across the entire heartlands of the country. In this struggle for dominance, the gang frequently wars with the Kingdom of Eden.

Both of these major factions have cause to take arms against the Enclave, whose emergence in the region only complicates the balance of power. The Enclave seek to use the Ozarks region as a crucial springboard for their grander campaigns in the post-war US and beyond, and thus need to ensure that the region can be brought to heel. Will “The Rogue” fight with the Enclave through its operation to secure the Ozarks, or will they lead a resistance that will bring about its downfall, changing the wastes forever?

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