Fallout’s Photography Conundrum

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As a vintage camera enthusiast who has been playing a lot of Fallout 4 lately, something has been rattling around in my head quite a bit. How did the divergence influence the development of photography in the fallout world? We know that the tube TV was always the display norm, so resolution was never a big concern as far as film was concerned, but looking at the models of camera found in the game, that still begs some questions.

In Fallout 3, the only camera you'd find was a TLR with a basic flash. In New Vegas, we find that this camera does in fact have a zoom, so this doesn't wholly rule out developments to photographic technology. TLRs are great for high quality medium format shooting. That said, the only camera to be found in Fallout 4 is some variant on a Kodak box Brownie, specifically the Brownie Hawkeye.

Now this does make some sense, as the Hawkeye was released right around the divergence point, but what puzzles me a bit is that it was a fairly limited camera. The flash model is what is found, but that's really the only feature it has. Otherwise it's just a fixed-lens, cheap box with a shutter and a long exposure switch.

This begs a few questions;

What was it that impacted the development of film so that 35mm never took over the market share of medium format?

Did hobby photography die out, thus leaving the only viable market basic family photography? Without digital, or cheap 35mm film, did the media have justification to downgrade to medium format exclusively? Why don't we see any large format cameras in the world?

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What was it about the Brownie Hawkeye that persisted over a great few objectively superior brownie models?

I'm well aware I'm completely overthinking this, and that camera is only in the game because a modeler at Bethesda looked at that box Brownie and said "huh, that's neat," but honestly I think about it way too much and just thought I'd float it out there for any other geeks like me to chew on…

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