[Fanfic Plot] Fallout 5: Latin America

Although the game is, and is meant to be based in the US, I want to daydream of a version of the game that explores the places where the US had influence over the years after 2077. Here is my fanfic plot, feel free to comment.



By 2077, US has agreed to re-occupy the Panama Canal, and is buying 3.5 million metric tonnes of fresh water to Costa Rica per year in exchange for protection against Chinese occupied Nicaragua. Tensions have ground to a standstill and most local governments are petrified of the possibility of open conflict.

"War for water" is the fear every day, and hydroelectric and thermoelectric energy, available at lower prices in most Central American countries.

When the bombs destroy the world, fires burst in the Amazon, most rivers die within months and radiation makes life impossible in most places, yet, people survived the blasts way more than anticipated, but turn into ghouls, mostly ferals.

By 2099 most Latin America is a broken wasteland, with a few stranded survivor groups. US embassies built Vault-Tec refuges and safehouses that worked for hundred of years too.

By 2250, there are 20 million ferals wandering both coasts in Colombia, and slowly walking up the Darien towards the Canal, drawn by the lights of an outpost that the BoS set in the Canal, where 300 ships are filled with resources and technology. Including a freight ship with T-60 armors.

Most of the lower lands are flooded due to icecaps melting, and the Panama Canal is mostly flooded, with only a few bridges connecting the Americas.

**Main Character**

Main character will be a fresh-of-the-boat recruit of the BoS, Appalachia Chapter, during training, he/she discovers a short wave radio broadcast in morse, sent from Panama and repeated by mere coincidence in Mexican local "Cabrones" raider gang radio station.

This broadcast is a message that the canal was overrun by ferals and they could not destroy the bridges.

He/She will be prompted to volunteer to go to Panama when he/she reports on the broadcast. This is all scripted. Once in the vertibird, the player wakes up and either go rogue and try to grab control of the Vertibird, or play along and in both there is a crash in the middle of the swamp.


The map will be a stretch of land representing the Panama Canal area, with ocean North and South. There will be massive hordes of ferals spawning in the bridges and the East side.

**Main Quest**

The main quest will be to blow the 10 bridges and stop the invasion of the base and surrounding villages, on the west end of the canal. The BoS in charge are against blowing the bridges given that 1. there are teams on the other side. 2. there are ships with priceless technology on the other side.

**Side quest**

Villages around the Canal can be improved via the settlement feature, introducing also an outpost system, similar to Far Cry.


BoS Raiders

Let me know what you guys think.


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