far harbor crashes when i try to go there

Content of the article: "far harbor crashes when i try to go there"

ii am on xbox so yeah that could also be the issue…because to my knowledge fo4 does not like the xbox

have maybe ten or more mods installed i wont list my load order until i get a answer to this

im asking this question before i post my load order because none of the mods i have should be conflicting with each other though i have two mods that i do suspect are causing the issue but they are probally not and if you cant remember the mod that caused this issue can you tell me like what cat.? like

thank you!

*LOAD ORDER* AWKCR-v4.02 no DLC vr

open anything by SKK

boston-less enemies

Build limit remover

mobile workshop by SKK

less grass 100 version

less grass 120 version

pulowski VIP shelters

hollywood bullet tracers

fort abernathy

shadow res. 2048> 512

fo4 potato edition

fo4 optimized no shadows

castle walls repaired ultimate edition

sunshine tiding co-op revamp

optimized building textures

FPS enhancer pack

disabl god rays- NUKA WORLD

TLS fo4 subtle FPS improve

ASE v3.02 full


camp tenpines bluff- REDUX

moddable robot settlers

cheat terminal

UCO base game

elis armor compendium

boston fos fix AIO

quest manipulation program


dogmeat helmets and hats

dogmeat boots

true grass

VELDT- grass retext.

boston nat. surroundings

blood mist overhaul

mute those perks docs railroad boxcar playerhome

TNR shoulder lamp

combat rifle overhaul

walther wa2000

country roads holotape

bedford station battle train settlement

12.7mm SMG from FNV

synth swap ( my personal fav.)

no exploding/dismemberment


Read:  I feel like with every update the game gets less fun and more tedious.

berreta M9-FS pistol

XB1 more gasmask colors

classic combat armor AE

laser and plasma weapon power mods

AER15 modern laser assault rifle

institute electrolasers

laser weapons first person reposistion

unique uniques

yeah thats more than ten or so but whatever

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