Fear has big eyes, they say

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Fallout NV dead money DLC… Oh well… stumbled across some reviews accidentially while browsing old world blues related stuff and oh damn, all those reviews mentioning it being a "survival horror" experience and all that… Of course I started digging more into it while trying to stay as spolier-free as possible and it only frightened me more – all equipment taken away, resurrecting enemies, straight-up unkillable enemies, toxic gas and tons of traps, maze, narrow corridors… All that while I still have PTSD from the "fly with me" quest because the ghouls suddenly busting the door open and attacking me from my flanks freaked me out despite gameplay-wise they were practically harmless given my gear, not to mention the thought of going into the basement with those big-ass nightklins inside…

There's a reason I steer clear from any kind of horror games, so I hated dead money before even booting it up, but since I wanted to complete all dlcs I figured out I need to prepare. And oh I took the "prepare" part to heart – maxed out guns and energetics, maxed science, 90 repair coupled with jury-rigged, maxed stealth and both melee skills above 50 for the sole purpose of this dlc, lightstep as well as that other perk that removes stealth running penalty, even the one for scavenging more ammo because melee with ghosts is the last thing I wanted to go through.

And so I entered the doomed city at level 36… The first item I found was a duct tape and I was sooooo happy aka "hey I found something which is good I need items!", then I found a stash with shotgun and ammo for it, then I sneaked upon my first ghost from behind and blasted it away with said shotgun spending like 8 shells in total or something, didn't even take that much damage and then looted enemy-free police station and got a very good riot armor, about 80 bullets for the revolver and a couple of other stuff as well as the first companion.

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And from there things changed for me – having a companion allowed me to relax a bit, I had relatively lots of bullets though still felt the need to conserve from time to time because too much blasting and I'd see my supply of revolver rounds dropping from like 100 to 50-60 so I switched to melee from time to time, turns out ghosts are permanently killable and it's no big deal and the holograms in fact are killable as well – you just need to find their killswitch. I'm not even sneaking as often as I've thought – about 70% of the time compared to the esitimation of 100%, and it's only for the sake of proper positioning and getting the first shot as "combat route" is perfectly viable it seems.

On top of that love how they dealt with the enemies spawning – they're killed permanently, but progressing through will trigger some more to spawn. It's really the best – it allows me to take my time and admire the views whenever I feel like doing so without worrying that I'm on a timer and need to go before they spawn again but at the same time I always have to proceed with caution after making at least some progress quest-wise.

Tl:dr; Was so scared of dead money because I hate horror games and I'm easily scared by even a bit scary sequences, but it turned out to not be nowhere near "horror" category, but instead gave me the nice survival vibes as I'm no longer swimming in ammo and health items and need to do some rationing or switch to melee from time to time (I use kind of a hybrid style – fire a few shots, charge with kinfespear, break contact and fire some more etc etc), and since holograms have killswitches it looks like every enemy can be permanently killed which is a great nerve- and sanity-saver for me.

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P.S. I love walking around with the revolver. It gives me a strong noir vibes – you know, walking in police clothes with police standard-service revolver through the narrow, dark, cobblestone alleys around a city that resembles early 20-th century style of at least some districts – what's not to love about this.

Turns out fear just had big eyes the whole time…

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