Feature for future Fallout game: Holotape Recorder.

Content of the article: "Feature for future Fallout game: Holotape Recorder."

Probably been proposed before. One of the things I like about the Elder Scrolls is that the text you get in that game, you can read it then if you want or you can stash it away and read it all later.

Sometimes I'm in the mood to just play the game and sometimes I'm in the mood to read. I can't always abruptly summon the will to want to enjoy text on a monitor when I was enjoying the shooting and exploring but I might still want to read something eventually later on when I'm more in a reading mood. Maybe when I'm back in the settlement. or my player home, whatever the next game is going to have.

Enter the holotape recorder. Comes with your pipboy and allows you to record any terminal entry for playback on your pipboy. Now you can scoop up all the lore without breaking the flow of your exploration and enjoy the lore dump later. Of course if you like stopping in the middle of, say, a Vault to investigate just what was going on here, you can do that and experience the location in that way.

I suppose the disadvantage there is that people would become less likely to read entries when they first encounter them and those entries might be part of a story they're telling with the environment that you're going to miss if you record the terminal entry, so they'd have to change how they write entries to account for the possibility that the player wouldn't be in the ruin or wherever when they were reading.

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Its a gameplay consideration. Maybe the game could give you a warning to that effect "We intend for you to read terminal entries as you encounter them as they complement our environmental storytelling, but we give you this tool if you really prefer the convenience."

Or they could make it so that certain entries can't be copied for whatever reason. file size too large, file corrupt, system version incompatible and use that when they believe a terminal entry is critical to getting the story they're telling in an environment while letting the player copy entries that are less critical.

Alternately, I don't know how hard it would be, but this could be an awesome mod.

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