Felt inspired to do a tier list on the companions of New Vegas.

Note that a tier list isn't saying to not use a certain companion. Just that the better characters are more usable in a variety of situations while the lower ones either have specific or lack of benefits. This is also for fun. (I'm sorry for Boone, I really do love the guy)

S: ED-E A: Veronica, Raul B: Arcade, Rose C: Lily D: Rex, Boone

ED-E: Pretty much the God companion of New Vegas. Relatively easy to get, does good damage, and can be beefy with the brotherhood upgrade provides a TON of benefits. Free ammo, acts as a reloading bench, free weapon repair, gives you a +5% bonus to accuracy in V.A.T.S and damage bonus to Laser weapons. There really isn't a reason to not use the guy unless you're role-playing or prefer other companions out of personal preference.

Veronica: Without a doubt the best companion for Energy Weapon users. (Aside from ED-E) Having a portable workbench around helps you keep up your ammunition by quite a lot and being able to craft weapon repair kits from anywhere is incredibly helpful. Not to mention her damage output with unarmed is pretty insane. Especially if you get her the Causeless Rebel perk. Can even provide you a crit damage boost to your melee attacks if you withhold the Elijah's holotape from her.

Raul: Tired of your weapons running low on durability? Want your Tesla Cannon to not have to be repaired every other gunfight? Look no further than this busted fellow. Who possess one of the most braindead forever-active perks in the game by decreasing durability loss by %50. Which can raise even further up to 75% if you make the old man retire. Even still Raul packs a punch as he rolls around with a. 44 mag with infinite ammo on it. Making him not only incredibly useful for his passive but his damage output as well.

Arcade Gannon: Don't let him being a doctor fool you. He comes equipped with the amazing Plasma Defender energy pistol. Making his damage output pretty great and comparable to Raul. His passive is pretty good mid-game. Allowing you to gain 20% more healing from any consumable. Which is honestly pretty huge and can stack with other perks like Fast Metabolism and Cardiac Arrest. The most important use of him being access to the Enclave Remnants and arguably the best power armor in the game.

Rose: Probably one of the most underrated companions in the game. She rocks a caravan shotgun and while most of us may see this as mediocre she immediately grants shotgun surgeon when recruiting her and can get +15% damage bonus for guns. Making her damage output completely absurd if you decide to give her something a whole lot stronger. She also provides you the benefit of not having negative side effects of alcohol and provides you a free boost of DT when acting as your companion. Just the free DT alone makes her worth taking especially if you're doing a light armor run. Only downside is her quest requires you to go against Silver Rush and Crimson Caravan. Though I'm sure you can look over that issue given what she has to offer. 🙂

Lily: Obsidian knew we needed to have a super mutant companion in New Vegas and they didn't…completely…disappoint us. She may not be no Fawkes but she has her uses. Especially when it comes to stealth as she doubles the duration of Stealth Boys which can certainly be useful in specific situations and provides a +10% damage boost for sneak criticals. Perfect for any stealth based character who wants to get as much damage as possible. That's not all though becuase as a super mutant she is one beefy bitch. Possessing an absurd amount of health and an immediate 100 melee stat if you tell her to get off the meds. Couple that and her inherit Super Slam perk and she can not only boost your stealth playthroughs but also tank for you too.

Rex: Poor Rex. Living in the shadow of ED-E as the non-humanoid companion. His passive can be a little helpful when looking for items in hard to see locations but is relatively useless otherwise. Luckily he can get a passive that changes depending on the brain you can give him. I personally believe that going the Legion route is the best one for this doggo as he needs the extra DT and health to last against other Melee focused enemies though if you want the +25 damage boost go get it from Old Lady Gibson. Both help him out but when you have ED-E in the game it's a real struggle to see this use of this poor dog.

Boone: It saddens me to put him as last. As he is a phenomenal character. I still use him on my NCR playthroughs despite his lack of real beneficial passives. The highlighting of enemies when zoomed in can help in hard to see areas but is honestly not needed. Most people will probably just do his little quest or outright kill him for his hat. Given that it offers an incredible +5% crit chance. He still has a hunting rifle as his main weapon which is really good though not comparable to the other companions in a gunfight. If he just had an extra passive like the others that could give him more of a niche he would be so much better. Poor one out for my boy Boone.

Feel free to disagree on the placements and add your thoughts to this list. I might do one for Fallout 4 later on. Not sure about 3 though as companions in it lack passives that effect gameplay. Wouldn't be as interesting.

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