Finally got all the tier 4 merchants in sanctuary on xbox. Holy shit this game is buggy!

Content of the article: "Finally got all the tier 4 merchants in sanctuary on xbox. Holy shit this game is buggy!"

Also got em all to assign and stay put it seems. I imagine it was much worse before patches but man what a pain in the ass. The house by drumlin diner got the gassy settler glitch (after 5 times reloading I just murdered his ass) and the spot by Concord crapped out for some reason. Had to make some hikes to the other spots

Some of them were having problems assigning to the clothing store but I fixed it like this: store the trading post and move the settler who worked there to another settlement. Put the trading stand back and then they should assign

Now my sanctuary market is complete and I just wasted 5 hours of my life. But fuck it let the caps roll in!

I love the settlement building in this game but man it could've used some polishing. I mean I'm a long time bethesda fan so I know all their games could use some polishing lol. I'm not trying to bash on the game either in fact I think it's something special that bethesda can put out games that are so buggy but are so fun no one cares. I did a 12 hour session the other day running around doing shit downtown and crashed like 6 times total throughout the day. Every time I just started that shit right back up and got to it again lol

Don't know what I wanted to achieve with this post but yeah. I love this game and Bethesda but holy shit it's frustrating sometimes

A side question too: what are yalls favorite spots to build your main settlement? I usually just do sanctuary because I usually put a wall all the way around it, and then the settlment attacks become bridge defenses. It's just lovely carnage. I'm starting to build up the drive in too cause it's the latest settlement I believe. It's astonishing how little flat ground there is in these places. I also want to do an overpass settlment at greygarden

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