First thoughts on high risk custom worlds

Edit: I realised after posting that the new high risk mode is a "public world" and not a "custom world" available to fo1st members so apologies for any confusion caused by the title

I haven't played the mode much yet but I tried it out just so I could see how a few things worked, below is my initial thoughts on the mode:

It seems very fun in concept, I've always wanted to try a PvP mode like this having started the game after survival mode had been removed. I never really PvP in adventure mode outside of a few fun workshop battles and I also am not a player of "standard" PvP games like cod etc or battle royale games (though I did play a fair bit of NW before it closed down so I could get the rewards) so I wouldn't class myself as a hardcore PvP player.

No legendary effects is great, the concept of legacy weapons/assassin's sentinel sets being allowed always seemed super broken and unbalanced for PvP as they aren't available to all/require some serious RNG farming.

The major downside to no legendary effects is that my stash became incumbered because the 90% reduced weight effects were removed. This is pretty annoying as I could really do with stashing some things as it's easy to become incumbered when weight reduction effects are removed from armour/you aren't using excavator. However this does add a reason to not constantly reload my character in as I will likely just drop a lot of items to manage my weight/stash better and doing this every time would just be way too annoying to use as a viable method of restocking ammo/aid.

Dropping all aid/ammo/food is a little annoying but it adds an incentive not to die and going back to my camp to restock seems cool as it's like going back to my armoury to restock before another battle. It makes camps feel way more useful and survival tents aren't a huge advantage as you can't craft stims or fusion cores in them. It would be nice to have crafting sliders though.

The mode creates a reason for me to get the mods for t65/hellcat which seemed pretty pointless in adventure compared to just using excavator for the extra carry weight. It's complimenting adventure mode by adding a new rewarding bullion grind which feels great as I've not had a real reason to do this since getting all the mods I wanted for secret service armour/daily ops weapons.

Within a few minutes in the mode I was actually talking to another player on mic and it was a perfectly pleasant experience as we had a quick chat about which PA/weapons would be good in this mode. Similar to NW, I can see a real reason to talk to people in game to engage with the mode rather than the occasional chats I would have with random players in adventure mode when I was trying to buy items from a camp vendor or just the usual emotes after a daily ops/event.

The mode creates a reason to change my build to feel stronger for the first time in a long time. Having used a fairly "meta" bloodied unyielding commando build in adventure for the longest time, I actually felt underpowered in a similar way as when I first started adventure mode which really adds a new lease of life to the game. I almost feel compelled to buy a new perk loadout slot just for the mode and a reason to change my legendary perks/mutations for the first time in a long time which again feels great.

No fast travel is great though I'm not sure how I feel about leaving it on for events. I can see how this would create some really cool potential for PvPvE events though as it's the easiest way for lots of players to gather in one spot outside of going to whitesprings and hoping for some action.

There's still room for some "unfair" advantages with aid like bobbleheads, magazines, colas and stealth boys. However as a console user stim packs are the easiest aid to spam and these can be created by everybody with the plan. Phantom devices are slightly worse than a mk3 stealth boy but they can be crafted which means you can remain in the server which feels way less clunky than reloading your character in each time you run out/die. The items that can't be crafted create a new market for player vendors in adventure mode and they all are non perishable which feels perfect for stimulating the vendor market after legendary crafting hit this quite hard.

Free crafting is great and I finally see a reason to craft aid/food which I would rarely do in adventure mode as I always have too many stims and chem/food buffs always felt a little pointless unless trying to speedrun bosses which never really appealed to me.

It would be really cool if the leaderboard for kills that existed in survival mode was added to this but even without that it still feels like a lot of fun. Not having progress transfer to adventure mode or the ability to do score tasks isn't a huge issue for me, similar to how I never really cared about adventure mode XP when playing NW.

All in all this feels like a really welcome change to the usual grind of adventure mode and actually gave me a reason to log in for the first time this season. It's sad it only lasts for a month and hopefully there will be a good amount of players utilising this so it encourages this to be available longer term.


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