First time playing a fallout game, just finished the Prologue for Fallout 3. Wanted to share my first impressions

I’m not exactly flying totally blind, although I mostly am: I’ve bothered to look up some of the details in character creation first, since pre Skyrim, that seems to play a massive part in making a solid play experience. But for story and worldbuilding, other than the memes and mostly surface level knowledge, this stuff is all pretty new

Anyway, storytime:

Starting up the story, I’m already loving the way that the Zeerust aesthetic is interwoven into the game. It’s not only a unique combination, but one that also ties beautifully into the Cold War fears the US had of the end of the world. It is, as Bethesda themselves imply in the opening to the manual, essentially what a more cynical 50s America would see the future as.

The birth of our hero begins with his, well, birth. Again, a very neat way to run a character creator that I don’t see much of (though that likely has more to do with how I play more JRPGs than WRPGs, but this still doesn’t strike me as a very common way to do it). Of course, since I’m white bread as all hell, I just put in my name and mildly tweaked one of the default Caucasian options to look more similar to me. Normally I like to use a different name for these characters, but it’s my first run, and it’s supposed to be our world and the US of A, and not a world of fantasy names or foreign names, so…

Watching him grow up honestly touched me in a way that I haven’t really felt touched by in games before. Aside from some more character creation (SPECIAL spread set to 4/6/6/6/9/5/4 to try and get as many juicy skill points as I can, and also because I’m a bit FOMO otherwise), we mostly spend our time just talking to people, and interacting with the environment, finally letting us do what the genre of the game advertised: Role Play. Since I’m still white bread basic, I play the part of a goodie two shoes. straight up the the point of ignoring the other party goer trying to punch me to death and casually conversing with others until the Cops show up (tbf, that’s actually about how I rolled as a kid. I was not exactly Mr Macho). After chatting it up and feeling all warm and fuzzy inside (and getting the “who cares if it’s a Dinosaur, do you know how long those things rules?!” Pipboy model), we get to go downstairs and get the REAL big birthday present: a 330 year old Limited Edition Red Rider BB Gun (at least that’s my headcanon and I’m sticking to it). We learn to git gud, then we learn to git gudder when Radical Roach shows up and apparently dad considers it to be decidedly unradical until we kill it, earning our first mighty experience point, and a trophy photo

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Another six years pass, and now even my white bread “yessiree” ass is incapable of finding dialogue options with dadio that aren’t full of disdain for the Capricorn. After striking a balance between white knighting and giving a friendly warning that “Bro, you know her Dad has a bigger god complex than Zeus, please don’t do anything stupid”, we go take the BAAAAAAAAnderdized Testing, only to find out it’s basically a Buzzfeed personality quiz, with a few results thrown in to probably weed out troublemakers (why the fuck would I steal someone else’s comic book? I know it’s one of a kind, that’s EXACTLY WHY it’s a dick move to steal it). Anyway, apparently the game itself has had enough of my white Knighting Yee Yee ass, and decides to make me a Pastor (and I quote “God help us all”).

After 3 years of Missionary, I guess, I wake up to learn that apparently the Overseer is an Angelican and does not take kindly to my Methodist upbringing of the youth… or maybe he’s just pissy that dad left and now he wants me dead since he couldn’t kill dad. Jerk. Amata, you can keep the gun, I’ll stick with the Red Rider

After packing up everything I own (which amounts to 50 BB rounds, my old Red Rider, a baseball cap/bat/glove, some spare clothes, and some random first aid gear), I TRY to sneak away to safety. Unfortunately, I’m not very good at that, and get spotted right away. Fortunately, these roaches are pretty radical and buy me some time to escape… until my Childhood bully shows up begging for help, because some of those roaches are much less radical and trying to eat his mom. Bro, I’m kinda busy, do you really think I…

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…who am I kidding, of course I’m gonna try and save her. And then reload when I fail to save her the first time. As thanks, I receive a lovely jacket, and the respect of at least one member of the vault. Until we meet again, friend. For your sake, I was never here.

For the most part, I just try to sneak past the guards, and run from them if they spot me: I promised I wouldn’t make a mess of them if I didn’t have to. Did punch some roaches lights out though, but seeing Mrs Palmer lying dead on the floor… Dammit.

And more bad news, as I encounter more and more dead people. And 2 of them I watch her murdered by the very guards that were supposed to protect them. For a split second, in the dark, i though that was Amata they killed…

…someone else also murdered that day, but it wasn’t the guards… enjoy the barbecue in Hell, fellas, I’ll meet up with you in a few years.

After taking the lives of 3 men, and being unable to save God knows how many more, I manage to make my way to the Overseer’s control room. I had thought he was a decent man, but reading his files… I’m just disappointed in him.

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After listening to father’s farewell, I finally manage to steel myself for the journey to come. I’ll miss you, Vault 101. I’ll miss you, Butch. I’ll miss you, Amata. But for now, I need to go. To learn the truth.

…my God, it’s… beautiful

It might be desert and crag, and yet… it feels so… alive. So different from the sterile tunnels I grew up in.

Grew a bit stronger from all of this. In the end, I may still just be Daddy’s little boy, but maybe I’ll be able to fend for myself out there a little better now…


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