[Fo4] Headcanon: The Minutemen make more sense if you think of them as tribals rather than a real militia/military

So, you know the joke about how Caesar's Legion in New Vegas are tribals cosplaying Rome while not understanding what Rome was actually like? (The validity of this statement is questionable but it's still an oft-repeated joke).

That's exactly what the Minutemen are like. They imitate colonial militia and Revolutionary War aesthetic, but there isn't all that much understanding of pre-war America or history. It's mostly the names and the gear that makes them 'Minutemen'. Tribal doesn't necessarily mean primitive – the White Gloves, Omertas, and Chairmen are sophisticated, the West Coast Brotherhood are advanced, and the New Canaanites were missionaries and tough customers, but they were all tribes, rather than nations.

It neatly explains why the General is sent on random tasks, without having to resort to 'Preston is deliberately trying to get you killed'.

No, you wouldn't send the head of a modern army off to deal with trouble spots…but in the context of 'General' being the Minutemen tribe's term for 'Champion of the tribe/renowned warrior/etc' it makes more sense. The 'General' is just the scariest guy in the tribe and the one who leads them in battle. Similarly, 'Colonels' are basically the leaders of Minutemen war bands – they get by on charisma, trust, and prowess. What, did you think there would be formal ranks? No, Colonels are just the ones with big enough groups to be important.

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The Minutemen are a lot like Caesar's Legion – a tribe with an ideology on how to make a new society that survives the Wasteland, dependent on a single figure to get as far as they have, and mostly being a military largely separate from the civilians they protect. But while Caesar's approach is that of an authoritarian regime, the Minutemen's ideology is one of cooperation and building things up. That, and they're willing to leverage advantages without the problem of dogma.

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