[FO4] My thoughts on what Bethesda should have done for post game rewards

Content of the article: "[FO4] My thoughts on what Bethesda should have done for post game rewards"

I think each faction should have gotten their own post game reward for doing the game their side. It would have made choosing a faction more meaningful and based on your build.

Railroad: Ballistic weave. you would have to complete the quest line with them. Its pretty strong so I think it would serve its purpose correctly. The railway rifle would only be accessible via this ending.

Minutemen: You remember those artillery grenades that are kinda not great? make them minutemen ending exclusive, but make them better. Shorter delay and further throw range, as well as make them work anywhere on the map. Notice how this is a lot weaker then the other endings. This is a compromise, as the minutemen ending allows both RR and BOS to stay non hostile

Institute: Power armour. I believe there was originally a version of power armour called I-01 and would have been even stronger then X-01. You can even hear Institute scientists remark sometimes “Looking at you in that armour makes me think we should design some of our own!”. Its a shame it was cut really. You’d also receive a new gun – an energy shotgun. It would require a short charge up time before it can fire, and would be ridiculously close range, but it would deal a massive amount of damage.

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BOS: new weapon mods for he Laser rifle, the Gatling laser, the Minigun, and the Plasma gun, that would be considerably more powerful then any other mods for the weapons. also, a new weapon. one that the Brotherhood would have made by combining recovered institute tech with their own. It would be reminiscent of the Institute weapons, but would actually be decent and not block half your screen. It would be similar in strength to the Plasma gun – possible more powerful? Im not sure.

Let me know what you think – I wrote this quickly without thinking too much so theres likely some balancing issues

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