FO4 on PS5: Some quick notes for the curious

Content of the article: "FO4 on PS5: Some quick notes for the curious"

I got my PS5 today, and I wanted to see how Fallout 4 played. I took some quick notes for those of you looking to get a PS5 and take advantage of any performance upgrades. So, in no particular order…

  1. It doesn't matter if you have the disc. I bought a Digital PS5, but I had the Fallout 4 disc on my PS4. For any PS4 game not in the PS Collection, you'd normally need to insert the disc to play unless you already had the digital version. Despite owning the hard copy on PS4, I was able to download and dive right into it on my Digital PS5 since it's part of the PS Collection.

  2. On PS5 it's only 30 FPS, but so far seems LOCKED there. This is what I was most excited about. I believe on XSX there is some technology to unlock the frame rate regardless of what the original dev did, but for now on PS5 it won't go above 30 FPS until Bethesda patches it. To give you some insight into the stability, the first thing I did was fast travel to downtown Boston, get in a gunfight, then call a Vertibird and fly it to Sanctuary. From what I could tell, framerate sat at a perfect 30 the entire time, with no hitches (I also have that springtime mod that adds a ton of grass and trees to the map). This would have been chop city even on my PS4 Pro, so needless to say I was very pleased with the result.

  3. Mods are the same as PS4. It's still Sony, so you're not going to get PC mods all of a sudden.

  4. You have to re-download all mods, but they will still be saved in your library. If you are worried about the load order and are transferring from PS4 to PS5, take a picture of how you had it set up. You also have to re-download Creation Club content of course.

  5. I did my save data transfer via the cloud using PS+ cloud saves, and it worked perfectly.

  6. Yes, load times are improved by quite a bit. I didn't time anything, but the difference is noticeable.

That's all I really took note of in my roughly 30 mins of play time this evening. Hope it helps someone!

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