FO4 Story is better than you thought (Major Spoiler for anyone who hasn’t played the game)

Content of the article: "FO4 Story is better than you thought (Major Spoiler for anyone who hasn’t played the game)"

Alright so I'm on my 8th play through of the game and I got to the aforementioned Kellogg memory sequence (which I usually don't skip simply for immersion) and I was going through the scene of where Kellogg had Shaun in his Diamond City apartment. It is at this point that Kellogg dialogue changes when you access each individual aspect (like when go up to Shaun or Kellogg and hit access memory) he starts talking in the past meta tense. What I mean by this is that he makes a point of how he should of killed the sole survivor and it was one of his many mistakes, but that didn't matter because the institute is going to get what's coming to them. He is already talking from beyond the grave.

So back to the scene with young Shaun. Kellogg thought in that moment that maybe the old was out smarting him in some way since babysitting Shaun wasn't the ideal job for Kellogg. Now when he mentions the old man, I think this threw off the community in a lot of ways cause one maybe they thought he was referring to old man Stockton, or two that there was another old man who was the leader of the institute. For years I've seen a lot of Youtubers try to debunk this theory of who was in charge before Shaun, but what I told you the old man that Kellogg is referring to is the real Shaun.

Now follow me here, they got Shaun from vault 111 because his dna is untouched by the harsh wasteland environment. They needed his dna to make the synths, so therefore wouldn't the institute make sure that Shaun is in a safe and secure environment. Diamond City is no safe haven, so Shaun would have no business even going there if it meant that the institute's future was on the line. Furthermore why would he be in the hands off a cold blooded gun for hire, than be in the safety of scientists and doctors? Father (the real Shaun) has admitted to the sole survivor in a future quest that he was the one that released them and that he wanted to see how far they would get. So with that Father set Kellogg up, he had him babysit the younger synth version of himself for months on end thus creating a false memory for the sole survivor to pick up and give them hope that their kid is okay but a little bit older than usual.

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The question that could completely blow that last paragraph out of the water is if Kellogg was already part of the institute when he captured Shaun, wouldn't he know that Father is setting him up since he knew what Shaun looked like growing up?

Yes that is an interesting point that Kellogg could and maybe would see this coming from a mile away, but remember that he has all of those robotic replacements? He most likely gotten them from the institute as a form of payment, so maybe Tinker Tom was right in the sense that there tiny robots planted in the food and that they spy on you. But either way this was Kellogg's second chance at being a father, something that a guy like him didn't deserve but secretly wanted.

At the end of the scene Shaun gets taken by the courser and Kellogg is given orders to track Virgil down. But Kellogg was never meant to kill Virgil in fact the only reason why it was brought up is so that the sole survivor could see it. Not to mention that it didn't take Kellogg 50 years to get where he is at Fort Hagen. Which is yet another bread crumb left by Father because he knows about his fait with cancer he knows that if anyone determined enough to be the leader of the institute, it would be his parent.

These details as a whole were at least in my opinion poorly presented to the player. It's very easy to overlook these details especially on the first play through but to completely mess up a cue that even the Fallout YouTube community overlooked is pretty terrible. Despite that the details are pretty neat nonetheless.

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Now I totally agree with the fanbase in how Bethesda completely fumbled at the opportunity to have the player kill Father and rescue the synth child and then not knowing that the kid is a synth unless you went with a different ending entirely. With that part added it would of the story a little bit better.

TL;DR Father (aka real Shaun) out smarted us and had planned everything from the start to even go as far as to plant a fake memory in Kellogg's brain to give the sole survivor the delusion that Shaun was younger and giving the sole survivor hope and a trail to find him (Father) in the institute so that they could take his place.

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