FO4 the good the bad and the Todd

To start I just wanna say that I am a fan of Bethesda and have played freaking frack out of every title from Morrowind to modern times.

The last two notable exceptions being Fallout 4 and Fallout 76

And fallout 76 is a Rust clone… And would do better compared there.

Im 10 hours in and I am making a list of pros and cons.

Pro. Loads of armor and left right armor was a good play.

Pro. Customization is fucking great. You can build multiple settlements.

Pro. The map is huge. It feels good. It feels like a thing.

Pro. There are a bunch of different enemies and subtypes.

Pro. Dog meat is one of the best done dog characters I have ever seen

Pro. I named my character Tim and codsworth called me tim and it blew my mind.

Pro. Really well done characters with sassy expressions a huge progress for bethesda on character design

Pro. Power armor is as cool as I want it to be now.

Con. They literally pulled an uno reverse card on fallout 3 protagonist backstory.

Con. The amount of reused skyrim assets is deplorable. I can tell by looking the mole rats are skeevers. The mongrels are retextured death hounds. They have "legendary" variants

Con. The lockpicks sounds are mostly identical skyrim.

Con. The protagonist is voiced… This can be game breaking for someone that decides that they don't care for Bethesda's on the rails story.

Con. Kellogg has the depth of a cereal box in life… And Game of thrones in death… Hes so freaking cliche it makes all the character work they did seem like a desperate spinoff. Just to add a farcry 3 trippy esque scene.

Con. Dog meat cant die. Like seriously? Thats a huge and important part of the struggle on those games… Fallout isnt tamriel.

Con. Its no longer an rpg. Its an action adventure game with customization and loot. Skills went with the dino. The game references percs more than future in mask off.

Con. Most of the changed gameplay mechanics were literally from the modding community… When I spirited and did an eye roll as my AP went down "yo Nexus called they want their mods back."

Con. The crafting is on such steroids that its extremely overwhelming. And its not very well fleshed out compared to other things.

Con. The game hand holds you on the lore and classic mechanics but neglects to dive onto crafting super well… Pick a freaking lane

End result: Feels like a spiritual successesor rather than a sequel. The direction of gameplay is so different it feels like its a different game set in the fallout universe. Under that definition its a masterpiece if a bit of a lazy asset repro orgy.

As a Fallout 3/nv sequel. It fails. Not because it isn't fun i binged 10 hours straight… Because its so far away from where it started its not worthy of being called the same game anymore. Whether this is good or bad is deeply personal. I think its worth a buy.

I open the floor to discussion. Be civil be kind and watch out for synths.


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