Fuck the Khans or Always kill Papa Khan and Regis

This is a repost of a stupid essay/well formatted rant I made in r/falloutnewvegas. I posted it their primarily because of the title, this is my argument for wiping out the ""Great"" Khans, but it's a look at the entire history of the Khans from Vault 15 to the ""Great"" Khans so it belongs here as well. I also touched it up a little after an argument with a guy who called me Caesar because I thought that raiding was evil

Vault 15 was somewhat unique for a experiment vault in that it had an actual experiment that wasn't just VaultTec being dicks for no reason. The Vault was filled with people of different ethnicities and beliefs to see how they would cohabitate when they were stuck together. This vault was only intended to operate for 50 years and while the exact date for when the doors opened is unknown, it seems to have been a few years before the 50. 4 groups would leave the Vault: a group of people with the GECK that would form the NCR, a group of werido snake cultists called the Vipers, some feral survivors called the Jackals and the main characters of my essay, a pesudo-tribal group called the Khans. In Fallout 1, there are only 2 of these groups; the Khans and the baby NCR Shady Sands. In the backstory, the Jackals have fled into the Mojave from the Khans after the Khans kicked their ass, the only good deed the Khans have ever done. The Vipers managed to kill Maxson the 2nd, the then head of the Brotherhood of Steel and were thusly destroyed into running away to the Mojave as well. In story, the Khans are a fairly minor faction. After the Vault Dweller kills some Radscorpions, the Khans kidnap Aradesh's daughter and the Dweller rescues her with either stealth, speech or ultra-violence. The Dweller can even join the Khans if they feel like it. However, even in this brief interaction we can see the Khans as absoulute scum of the earth. They rob and kill people to survive and even keep slaves.

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In Canon, the Vault Dweller gunned down nearly everyone at the Khan base and saved Tandi and the slaves. However, there was a survivor of this justified massacre by the name of Darion. He united the Khans that happened to be out during the massacre doing Khan things, you know, murdering and robbing innocent people, and hid like a massive pussy for years, terrified that Dweller would finish the job. But a few weeks before the Chosen One would be sent out to save his tribe, Darion stopped being a massive bitch and became a massive cunt, taking over a settlement in the ruins of Vault 15. He claimed that he and the Khans could repair the Vault and generate food and water, so the settlement wouldn't have to move to the NCR and pay taxes to survive. They were actually full of shit, and were killing and robbing to feed them, and killing memebers of the settlement that found out. The Chosen One managed to save a women they were going to execute and found out why the "New Khans" were doing this: they were using the settlement as a cover to try and destroy NCR out of revenge for Aradesh hiring a guy to save his daughter. Also, unlike last time, you can't talk down Darion. The New Khans are so crazy and blood thirsty that the only way to stop them is to kill them.

Following their most recent massacre, the Khans that were out murdering and robbing were united once more Papa Khan. They fled to the ruins of Las Vegas where the ever naive Followers of the Apocalypse tried to help them rebuild into a functioning society by teaching them life skills like agriculture and medicine. These skills would be enough to create an empire accoirding to one ending. The """"Great"""" Khans instantly became the biggest drug pushers in the Mojave, supplying Westside and fellow heros the Fiends single handedly. Merely dealing drugs to bad people wouldn't be so bad, but the enhancements aren't just gameplay; Razz of the Misifts showcases that Psycho really does enhance ones combat potential and Boxers in New Reno typically have Buffout hidden nearby. By dealing chems to the Fiends, they are making the Fiends more dangerous. About 10 years before Fallout New Vegas, House's robo scouts spotted NCR presence at Hoover Dam, and so House kicked into gear and quickly established the strip as seen in the game. Because House didn't want stupid violent losers on the strip, the Khans got their shit kicked again, and went running to Bitter Springs. Proving they didn't learn a damn thing from Darion's failure, the Khans started raiding NCR civilians DESPITE HAVING THE SKILLS TO START AN EMPIRE ACCORDING TO THE ENDINGS and surprisingly, the NCR were unhappy with innocent civilians getting robbed and killed so went to Bitter Springs to clean up the human garbage called the Khans. This led to the Bitter Springs massacre, where First Recon gunned down the elderly (people who retired from murdering and robbing), the wounded (people wounded from murdering and robbing) and kids (yeah no defense on that one, what the fuck). This led to the Great Kahns, having been wrecked once again but for the first time in their stain of an exsistence actually having due cause for being upset about it, continue to push drugs and kill and rob. 2 of these chuckle fucks even help Benny shoot the Courier, because they're idiots who thought they'd get paid out of the ass for killing some courier out of dozens. And then Papa Khan has the audacity to paint himself as the victim in the whole mess, saying that because the NCR killed several non-combatants they're fully justified in aligning with the Legion, seemingly forgetting all about the innocents that the Legion and the Khans have killed. I won't bitch about the Khans siding with the Legion; judging by Melissa they didn't know how bad they were and were being duped by Karl. But I will bitch about how fucking stupid they were for thinking that for some reason, they alone would be the tribe Caeser would keep around. Futhermore, at the bottom of the barrel, at their most pathetic, they continue to be morons by still running drugs by the very anti-drug Legion, which leads to a drug runner being captured and killed by the Legion.

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To summerise, the Great Khans are a gang of stupid, violent, arrogant brutes that narrative seems to expect me to feel sorry for. In a way I pity them, the same way I pity the broken, lucid Fiends in Vault 3; they still massacred the Vault 3 Dwellers and the Khans are still vile murderers, who even with just the context of New Vegas have no right to continue.

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