Full guide on running Fallout 1,2,3,NV and 4 on a ChromeBook

Content of the article: "Full guide on running Fallout 1,2,3,NV and 4 on a ChromeBook"

A few of you may remember me from my plan on trying to run fallout 3 on android which was a year ago. That plan failed and my android phone broke and I got an iPhone instead (which sucks). But this time I finally got results worth sharing and all full step by step walk through on how to do it. Note you should have your device in dev mode.

This only works on x86 machines, haven’t tried arm yet

Firstly you should update your chrome book to the latest version of chrome OS, should be easy as there should be a notification telling you to update it.

If your Chrome book is up to date skip this step. Once you select to update the chrome book it should restart and bring back to the lock screen.

Once those steps are completed, go to settings and on the left side you should see “Linux (Beta)” (should be at the bottom above “advanced”) select that and it and it will ask you to create a partition and make it 20+GB if you’re going for fallout 3 and NV. If going for 4 make it 40+GB. Once that you’re done that it should take about 10 or so minutes to install. Once that installs a new window should pop up called “Terminal” and should have this symbol “>_”.

Now it’s time to update your drivers. First you type this- sudo apt update . With that, it will show you everything that needs to be updated. Then you will type – sudo apt upgrade . It will ask you for the upgrade and just type “Y” and then press enter. Congratulations you have now installed Linux on your chrome book

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Now it’s time to add GPU acceleration. In the search bar type this- chrome://flags/#crostini-gpu-support and enable the flag. Once you do that you are prompted to restart your device and do that.

Now run “sudo apt-get update” . Now run “sudo apt-get dist-upgrade” if that doesn’t work then type this instead “sudo apt-get install mesa-utils”. Once you do that restart your device and once you’re back into chrome OS, enter the Terminal and type “glxinfo -B” to test if it’s set up. You should now look for “OpenGL renderer string virgl”. And also look for “OpenGL ES profile version string: OpenGL ES 3.2 Mesa 19.2.8” if you find that, it is installed and you now have GPU acceleration.

One more little thing to to do to make using steam and fallout a bit more easy going on you. Go to your search bar and type “chrome://flags”. Once you’re in there search for “ Pointer lock for Linux applications”. Once you select that you will be prompted for a restart and just restart your chrome book.

Now it’s time to install steam. Did I forget to say that it’s the steam version we have to use, oh well, I guess we have to suffer a bit. Now go to chrome and search for “store.steampowered. com/about/“ unsure about adding links so the .com has a space between it so just use one backspace between the . and the com. Or click here. Once you’re on the website underneath the “INSTALL STEAM” with the windows logo, thre should be the Apple logo and steam logo. Click the steam logo and you should get a .deb file. (Important Must be a .deb file) (unsure about arm powered devices running steam)

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Now you go to files and downloads and right click on “steam_latest.deb” (or whatever it’s called on your device). Once you do that, click on “Install with Linux (Beta)” a window will pop up asking you to install with Linux and you should click on OK at the bottom right corner(should be in blue). A notification will pop up showing you the install of steam in the bottom right hand corner. Once it installs go to your app draw and find a folder called “Linux apps” steam should be in there. Click on it and it should download the necessary files for steam just like the pc version. (About 200ish Mb). After it finishes downloading, just sign in normally and you’re almost finished.

Fallout 1/2 are already supported by steam on Linux and steam will download “Proton 4.2” that allows them to work natively on Linux. To get fallout 3,NV and 4 to work go to settings, go down to “steam play” and click on “Enable Steam Play for all other titles” and it doesn’t matter what version of Proton you select as it automatically downloads the correct one you need.( that’s what happened in my case)

If you completed all these steps in order and had no problems then, these games can work on your device, note that they may be a bit choppy and laggy but it’s a chrome book and our expectations of them are pretty low. Also depending on your storage, the loading time will very. EMMC storage is the slowest and ssd/Nvme are the fastest. I hope this helps and if you have any information that could help others let me know and I’ll update this guide and I’ll do my best to answer every question you have.

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Best of luck ~Pete

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