Getting back into Fallout 4 and it’s much better than I remember.

Content of the article: "Getting back into Fallout 4 and it’s much better than I remember."

So initially I picked up FO4 early in 2016 for Xbox One. At the time I was working stupid long hours and my wife and I would play it on the little time I’d have off, making suggestions, commenting on the exploration and world, coming up with ideas of where to go next and criticizing each other’s prize settlements. It was a co-op game for us, even though only one of us could play it at a time, mostly her because I liked the hanging out and talking. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great game in and of itself but given the choice of a game or talking to my wife I’d always choose her.

4 years later those long hours lead down a road neither of us saw or planned for. We’re working on divorce because of stress related issues on my part and…hurtful things on hers. I’m back home with my parents (yep I’m that guy…). To add to the situation, we have three sons (6 years, 3 years and 15 months). After you’ve geared your life to revolve around kids and your spouse, to have all that suddenly fall out from under you leaves a lot of free time. Even between work, attorneys and fighting for time with my kids there is a lot of free time left.

So as of yesterday I saw FO4 GOTY on sale. I figured why not, my laptop, while 4 years old should have the chops to handle the game on acceptable graphics so I made the purchase. On hearing Inon Zur’s opening soundtrack (goosebumps) I remember the hours spent exploring and building. And while Fallout 4 may lack the ambiguity and gray morals of 1, 2, 3 and NV, the mindless exploration, salvage and building of settlements very much appeals to me in that it will help absorb that free time I find myself an unwilling participant in. The first time I played this game I just put it down and never finished it. I’m looking forward to correcting that this time.

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