[Guide] Hard Public Events : Project Paradise

So with the influx of new players and ranting posts on Reddit these days, I figure rather than ranting about other players are incompetent, we can actually share some guides and tips. There are a lot of post like these created in the past if you actually care to dig up, but one more wouldn’t hurt I guess.

So public events are the ones with the exclamation mark “!” on the event bubble. They are always:

  1. free to fast travel to.
  2. happening one at a time. (Excluding Scorched Earth & Encryptid)
  3. good source of experience, caps, script, treasury notes, rare outfits, and rare plans.

Some of them can easily be completed by soloing while others require some teamwork.

Project paradise is one of the Public Events that are impossible to reap the best rewards by playing solo. So here are some tips and guide for the event.

  1. Wait for at least 3 high level players before starting the experiment. You need all 3 animals alive for the best rewards.
  2. You can let Quecus to oversee the event but it’s not recommended. (Explanation at the bottom)
  3. PLEASE help fill out all the feed as much as possible since every 20 food added to the habitat, the stronger friendly animal will spawn. (i.e. 0 food spawn a friendly rad roach, 40 food spawns a friendly mirelurk king)
  4. SPREAD OUT to each habitat, each habitat needs at least one player to fill the feed and defend.
  6. The alpha can be crippled. If you think you don’t do enough dps you can cripple the alpha with enforcer and a shotgun, and let others kill it while you protect the friendly animals.
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Food to fill:

  • Habitat A: venison meat drop from radstags
  • Habitat B: toxic thing collected from orangey smokey goo thing, mole rats will spawn after you collect and they drop the toxic thing too.
  • Habitat C: flower thing collected from red-purple smokey flower.

You need all 3 friendly animals to survive to have a chance to get:

  1. Stimpak diffuser plan
  2. Arktos backpack plan
  3. Bear arms plan
  4. Bear arms mods plan

If you have anymore questions or tips that would like to share please do so.

Note: letting Quecus to run the event will make your friendly animal be able to defend themselves and heal a little between waves oppose to just running away. But sometimes they are a little too ambitious and will take on the alpha, most of the time they will die fighting the alpha. So best just let them be a scaredy cat.

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