Half hearted NCR Military Critique

Recently I have been replaying FNV for the first time in about ten years. I have always been an NCR loyalist. However now with some more life experience I notice some silly details in the game. I am only halfway through my play through of total completion. So if I get any details wrong my apologies.

Some base line questions-

-What are the town sizes actually supposed to be? Obviously nothing is to scale in FNV but if a town or a military base has population of 10 are we supposed to expect that the actual population is like 100 for the town and 50 for the military base? What is the scale? -what is the expected path of the courier? Unless you get lost a lot of locations like (black mountain, camp searchlight or Sloan) are never discovered. Are you supposed to go along the highway then once in Boulder City head straight to Vegas?

-how is the Wasteland survival guide already across the country in four years? One year to make it and print it, one year to travel across the country. Another two years for it to make its way into random places in the Mojave. Is this suggesting that the midwest is perhaps more developed perhaps with cars or fast transport? Realistically they probably just wanted to include it in game.

Camp Searchlight:

Why do the Ghouls at Camp Searchlight need to be killed? Ghouls are accepted in the NCR. They are not all feral as they use weapons, this mission puzzled me.

Additionally why are there NCR troops pitching tents and fortifying right outside Camp Searchlight? Crimson Caravans has already sent people to loot Searchlight but these dudes are just chilling there with no mission. You’d think they would link up with one of the many bases nearby. Unless their actual mission is to just sit there by the town. They aren’t doing much considering they can be ignored whilst Nipton is attacked.

After the ghoul quest for the First Sergeant, why would I ever return to Camp searchlight to learn about the cottonwood cove quest? After doing the prospector and ghoul quest there is no reason to go back to searchlight. You most likely discover searchlight before Cotton wood cove so this dialogue would not come up for most players.

Position of Officers:

The NCR uses the old American ranking structure. This is made very evident if you go to Boulder City and look at the names on the memorial, PV2 and PFC are ranks mentioned there. Those are American Army ranks specific to the US Army and not just common military ranks. To be honest I think it was a writing error to add those in to the memorial but the NCR is copying the American Army regardless. So it’s safe to assume that the ranks would have a similar amount of responsibility as their real life counterpart has.

With this being said, why is a mere Lieutenant the officer in charge of Helios One. One of the most strategic points in New Vegas has the lowest ranking officer in charge of it. A Lt. at Primm or Boulder City makes sense as that’s a lower priority mission. However having one officer and a small force at Helios makes no sense. The NCR literally fought an entire faction out of Helios one and they brought 15-20 times the amount of people as the enemy faction to do it. Now what probably is represented as 30 something people are protecting it. They didn’t even fortify the place or make a strong point. They just put some sandbags up in the entrance. With the guard dogs and patrols there was at least an attempt to make it look like they fortified this position however they put a Lt. in charge of Helios one and the power station. However when we go into the Aerotech Refugee camp, a Captain is in charge and there is no other NCR military under his command besides himself. It’s a small detail but it really frustrated me.

Trains and NCRCF:

At Boulder City the bartender makes it seem as if there was a train running from Sloan to Boulder City for concrete. I imagine this would also mean that the train transported other things and perhaps there was a line to NV. We know there is a monorail in game so this technically could have been restored. There are train tracks everywhere in FNV. This technology really was underutilized in the game. The whole purpose of Boulder City and Sloan was to make bunkers for Hoover Dam but I never saw any in game.

Additionally the Sloan area was an origin point for the trains. There really are no NCR soldiers protecting Sloan? Yes the NCRCR is nearby however there should be some guard stationed in the town at night. Considering the NCRCF population works at the Quarry by Sloan shouldn’t the workers be housed inside as well since it is a strongpoint? There can be a guard on the quarry at night which is more than what currently happens.

Ranger stations:

I am not exactly sure if there are supposed to only be 5ish people per station or if that’s just the limit of the scale of the game. Setting up sporadic outposts does not seem to be a good idea when facing a large threat. Maybe against some raiders sure but that is not the current state of things at the start of the game. Regardless a semi permanent base with that amount of people is almost impossible. A good outpost needs about a platoon of people manning it. No wonder one of the ranger stations gets overrun in the game.

NCR Rangers: I enjoy the idea of the NCR Rangers however the game makes it seem as if the Rangers are a different branch of the military when speaking to the ranger outside of Nelson. The Rangers should’ve just been a part of the NCR army like what is done with 1st Recon. Having this Ranger vs Trooper dynamic is a little weird when they are seen working together often.


The NCR uniform seems pretty practical. I think they need more headwear than just the wide brimmed hat. Berets are also made of wool. I don’t think that resource exists anymore. So the green officer berets and red recon berets probably should not exist. Perhaps it was old military stock I am not sure. However the NCR seems to hand make their uniforms for the most part. Speaking of hand made uniforms, why did they chose cloth puttees as the footwear/leg choice? Seems like a total pain and really ruins the look of the uniform. Long leather boots would’ve been a better choice. Brahmin can provide the leather. Also producing/acquiring three sets of uniforms for NCR Troopers, Ranger Patrol armor, and NCR veteran rangers seems kind of excessive.


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