Hate me, but FO76 cosmetics for ATOMS are pretty LAME! =(

Look, I like cosmetics, so if you are one of the people saying "don't EVER buy atoms, don't support this game, we need to riot this game blabla", don't even start me pls.

I just want to say, those cosmetics rotating in the Atom Shop are mostly pretty lame. Since I got pretty "lucky" in my life, I don't have any problem spending money on something I like. However, most of the cosmetics in the atom store are kinda meh.

85% of the time, I feel like you just copy-paste the cosmetic, only change the texture slightly.

For example, these beds, so same, but the texture of the blanket changed:


Same with sleeping bags etc. – if you did something "unique" you wouldn't have to run 50%+ discount on these items since no one is buying it.

What about guns (weapons overall)? There is a slight change in color or a sticker on a weapon and it is considered "a skin"… You cant even tell someone has a weapon skin (maybe except bows). Is there anything in LORE or such, that blocks you from adding cool looking skins?


Default Appearance – LAME


Clandestine Paint – LAME


(I didn't add Camouflage Paint since it was for free so I don't complain about free goodies.)

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Regular bow – Lame


Survivors bow – COOL



Lastly, some of the power armors are pretty nice looking so I don't say anything.

So before you all start downvoting – I never really played other Fallout games than 76 :(, so, if there is any reason, why adding any cool skins is against "something", please, tell me.

Or just give me your thoughts.


Edit: In terms of cosmetics, I am talking about ALL of them, not just Gauss weapons – I took that one as an example. Same with beds.

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