Have Scrip Machines Give us Legendary Notes like Gold Bullion is to Treasury Notes

Content of the article: "Have Scrip Machines Give us Legendary Notes like Gold Bullion is to Treasury Notes"

They should do with Scrip what they do with Gold Bullion. Instead of giving us the scrip when we recycle, we should get notes, then turn in the notes for the daily scrip cap.

This way we can recycle every legendary we get, and even though hardcore players will always have a surplus of notes, 0 weight items are better then 2-20lb Junk 3/2/1 stars.


  1. No more need to clutter our inventory with unwanted legendary weapons or armor until reset
  2. No more need to sell legendaries to a vendor just to get use out of them
  3. The notes would weight 0, like Treasury Notes
  4. We can immediately buy our daily Nocturnal Mmurgh Picks, then re scrip them for more notes, before we begin farming
  5. If someone is unable to play long enough in a day to get 150 scrip worth of legendaries but has saved up enough notes, just log in and claim. SCORE was made easier for players who can't play hours daily as well.
  6. No more unneeded carry weight (not including missiles, mini nukes, gunpowder, that event that gave a 12lb chest piece and 40 lb non legendary modded rocket launcher etc.)
  7. If players end up getting a surplus of legendary notes, we could even get a new outlet to spend them. Maybe smiley would have a secret stash of 300 more bullion a week but wants 500 legendary notes for them (since he already took your 6k caps). Or Even Mmurgh could have a Weekly Special (like we had for PVP servers), that we buy with 300/500 legendary notes.
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  1. We are no longer over encumbered from excessive legendary carry weight and loose the excuse to log off because of it.
  2. The notes are too tempting to stop dropping piles of 1/2 star berserker and nocturnal items outside vault 76 for new players, thus cutting off their early supply of level 50 legendary gear they can't use for a while but horde anyways due to being legendary.
  3. We have to get our daily cap limit by selling non legendary gear, aid items and unwanted junk.
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