Having to beat up NPCs you hate without consequence feels cathartic and blissful.

Content of the article: "Having to beat up NPCs you hate without consequence feels cathartic and blissful."

I have a mod, the Solid Project by TommInfinite and friends. A now-defunct overhaul mod since his departure on the modding scene. Which could have been the best one IMO since Project Nevada, if he haven't left.

Anyway, along this overhaul is an option named "Combat Takedowns". Basically the this function enables your character to perform Fallout 4-like animated takedowns. Tho the animations were straight ripped from Batman Arkham Series.

I have been playing the mod for almost a year now, and just found out it had a "Check for Crime" option, which determines an NPC reaction of that faction. Basically if you perform a takedown of a, for example, a legionnaire in front of his fellow legionnaires, the latter will swarm on you and you get a negative rep, similar to killing them, Tho the quick takedowns serve to debilitate the target NPC for a few in-game hours of your choosing.

So I tried with the said option, off; and thought of the immediate most annoying/or asshole NPC and chose… Caleb McCaffery, that guy from Atomic Wrangler and yes I'm aware that you kill him eventually.

So I quicksaved, and then performed the takedown on him. My courier just went up on him and wrung him over his back then connects a kick to his spine as he threw Caleb over. Caleb was out cold (not dead) and the other NPCs just went about their business as if nothing happened. It works! But I had my doubts, to really test this for real. So I went to the Correctional Facility where the Powder gangers were. Smack dab in the middle of a hornet's nest.

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I still haven't done the Goodsprings quest, so I'm still neutral on their rep. So I went for Scrambler, that tough-guy-wannabe and performed the takedown. My courier just decks him at the gut then finishes it off with a brutal punch to the back of the head (ouch), knocking him out. And to my surprise, the gangers whom were supposed to be ganging up on me just stayed neutral to the brutal beating in front of them. It works and it felt awesome and kinda therapeutic in a way. And it works on ANY npc, even creatures, tho I just use it on human NPCs.

So goodbye save-scum kills, sometimes you just need to deck that annoyance in the face. Oh and you can also loot them while they're unconscious. So thanks for the lunch money.

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