Helping a young gamer in 76

Rebuilding a new camp for a young gamer

I read lots of posts since this game launched about random meet ups and helping new young gamers in 76 but I never thought at lvl 300+ I would be that person helping.

Last night during a gaming session with friends on 76 we was joined on xbox chat and in game by a very nice and polite young man.

After a while of us all just messing around killing time on the game and this young man at our camps he asked us if we could help him with his camp I asked him where he was and he said he was near new gad (this was badly timed as I was trying to get off to go to bed).

When arriving at new gad we saw this big steel wherhouse type build that was far to big but we tried to remodel it but unsuccessfully, as we were talking he said he wanted a flat place to build so my friend went looking around the map and found a new location (now my plans for going to bed were scuppered and I was now preparing to stay up for a few more hours).

At the location he said he liked floating camp styles but cant make them look good so we came up with a design that would give him an incredible view and be defendable from mobs.

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I moved my fallout first tent into the area and started gathering hundreds of each resource we would need for the build and started dropping bags as they were needed.

We built him a high platform over the cliff with his vending at the top of the stairs and a nicely decorated home behind complete with a small kitchen a bedroom and a lounge, my friend did such an amazing job hiding the wires without falling off the edge without dying.

The young man was so happy at the camp we helped him build and I could even hear one of his family members in the background saying how nice his camp looked.

Just as I was about to log off we was discussing helping him on his first silo run to launch his first nuke so I told him send a friend request and next time I'm on I will willingly help him get to launching his first nuke.

I look forward to helping him to achieve the I become death achievement and it is so nice to meet a polite young man in the wasteland.

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