Here is a list of small quality of life improvements that I believe can make this game a lot better. (And some CAMP bending stuff at the end)

Some small changes that don't require a lot of work can make a big difference. 
  • Bobblehead Stands

If you can only place one Bobblehead stand, and the stand has a limited amount of slots. why take more of the budget for every Bobblehead placed? If a reduction is not possible for performance reasons, just add all the budget necessary to the stand so that we are not faced with having to delete items to place a new Bobblehead. This can also be applied to the Bear Stand.

  • More displays

We really need more variety, both in terms of different designs and capacity, this game is loved by many item collectors like myself, we only have 3 or 4 different options and all of them look very similar the rooms look a bit repetitive. Also having variants for less of more items would be nice for those items that have 1 extra or one less item like the teddy bears. (There are 13 of them)Maybe a couple of new displays as season rewards would be really cool.

  • Fast Travel

This is probably really requested so I will keep it short,being able to teleport for free to Foundation and Crater would be nice.Maybe it would be cool to have the free travel only after max rep.

(Also, please fix the bug where if you die you can only spawn on vault 76, it's really common… and it makes us waste a lot of caps just to return to the place where we are at.)

  • Movable Spawn Point in CAMPS

Sometimes I spawn glitched underneath it,Sometimes I spawn next to it and fall to my death…Why not let us choose our horrible fate by letting us choose a place of spawn inside the camp area.Maybe by placing an item only visible in Edit mode…If this is not done so players can't trap other players, just have other players spawn outside the bounds of the camp every time.

  • Just let me type the amount of caps…

  • More protection for Fav items.

Needing to type the name of fav items (or just the word ACCEPT) when scrapping or selling important items like other games have would be a nice feature, even if it´s implemented as an optional feature. This could saved hundreds of poor bloodied fixers.

  • Fix some tiny things…– Porcelain Beer Stein (Yes, the fastnacht one.) Can´t be placed in the Stein Stand or any display case unlike the Wood and Metal ones.- Discover 5 areas in Ash Heap can´t be completed because Beckley doesn't register for the Challenge.

– Finding nuke codes does not update the challenge counter either.

– Again… the spawn only on vault glitch… this has to be one of the most annoying things about this game right now.

  • Armour Stands and Mannequins for ClothesIf I recall correctly from a data mine some time ago, there are armor/clothes stands already in the game files, I know that they probably require some optimization but being able to display clothes specially like the sheep costume would be really nice.

  • More Allies active on the CAMP.

Yes, I know this is a really requested feature and I don't want the mods to get mad at me.I am only adding this to the list because I would like to share my take on this idea.Since devs are actually keen on allowing this in the feature.If it ever becomes a thing why not add some progression to it?Maybe you can only have one allie spawned at a time, (The one you are currently questing for.) And to have another one you need to complete their questline first, for example, when I am done with Becket I am able to place him and also the one that I am currently questing. Also if we can have all of them running around the camp we can use them as living Mannequins for our costumes: 😀

  • Multiple CAMPS.

Warning, heavy game modifications ahead.

Do not call me crazy yet, I promise my take in this idea is realistic.

I am a programmer, not a game programmer but I have done some work with databases and I know for a fact that when camps are not loaded in game they take a really small amount of space in the game´s database. It's just a bunch of id´s and coordinates of the position of every item and probably the child items placed on top.The point is that is just a bunch of numbers that only require a really small amount of space per player.

The problem with CAMPS is the resources required for the items to be graphicly and physically loaded on the clients without having a great impact on the performance. So why not let players build more than one camp, but only have one CAMP loaded at a time.

Think of this as a progresion feature.You start with one CAMP, and once you reach level 50 you gain the ability to build in a second spot, you have the same budget that you had for the first time. But only one of them can be loaded at the same time. Everything you build on the camp will cost you resources, and stuff that is currently placed on the (non loaded) camp cant be placed on the second one.

When you enter a new server, a list of CAMPS pops up, and you can choose what CAMP to load, maybe if one of the CAMPS can´t be placed because a player is in that position can show up greyed out or in red, this would also allow groups of players to play on servers with contested spots without having to server hop so all of them have their CAMPS available.

Maybe more CAMPS can be unlocked after every 100 levels, of course with a limit established by the devs, I understand that they can't afford to have players save 100 camps, but a realistic number (3-10) would be nice. If you think about this this would give us another reason to want to level up, being able to work in a CAMP and building another project without having to destroy our other one.

That's all I have, Thanks a lot to everyone for taking your time to read this and in case any dev reads this I want you to know that I appreciate the work that is being put on the game, and that even none of this things are added to the game I still look forward to the things that you have for us in the future. - Have a wonderful day. 

Edit: Thanks for the gold! I didn't expect to get my first on a fo76 post.

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