Hey trap CAMP guy…

Thanks for giving me something extra to do last night! I was about to log off for the night but decided to make a few rounds to some player camps for some shopping. You were a high level with a lot of stock so you were my first choice. I load into your camp and you smile and wave. I give you the nice camp emote because your place looked great, then walk into your little shop hoping to find some cool stuff. Instead, I fall through the floor into a pit of punji boards, where I die. You get maybe 3 tin cans of mine, if that, but boy did I get something great in return. You see, I’d seen other players at your camp too, who I only imagine suffered the same fate while you sat there popping off thumbs up emotes, so I revived back at silo Charlie to give you something to thumbs down about. I made my way through the silo, thinking “is this petty?”. Yes. “But will this be fun?” Oh yes.

I made my way through the silo, checking every so often to make sure you were still in your camp, which you were. I continue to see other players show up at your camp, and that settles it. I’m going to nuke the fuck out of you. I could have gone SBQ, I could have gone Earle, but nah.

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I’m about 25% through nuke prep, and Radiation Rumble pops up. Look at that, it’s the first time you’ve moved out of your camp in a long time! Bet you’re excited for all that XP! I give it a few minutes, to make sure someone actually starts the event, and then oh my, there’s a nuke launch!

I like to think you were up to your elbows in the first wave of glowing ghouls when you checked the map to see where that nuke was gonna be. What’s that? Centered directly on your camp?

For a second there I thought I might actually destroy your camp, but you logged off before the bomb dropped. Sorry about all that XP you missed out on though! You probably would have leveled up again like I did when I joined the event after you left the server!

Anyway, thanks for giving me a little something extra to do last night! Love the bomb!


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