High Risk Public world: Why a non-PvPer likes it.

Look, we all know PvP in 76 is…..META or nothing. Legacies, Quantum spams, and Jet packing stealthboys. Nothing wrong with two Titans battling it out, if that's your thing.

Now, High Risk makes legendaries not work. That eliminates Legacy weapons, making the game more even right out the gate. This doesn't fix the balance entirely, (Hunting Rifle still sucks) but it makes more weapons usable. However, it also shows how unbalanced certain weapons are like: Plasma Flamer, Flamer, and Cryolator. These weapons stay at the top because elemental stuff is broken on both ends of the spectrum. I'm not here for that, I'll save that for a later post.

I'm here to tell you how to have fun without using the META. My squad is 2-3 people in High Risk so far. Load up your character, drop anything you won't be using, go full health, respecc your cards, stash ammo and aid for respawns, and plot out your targets.

We look for Higher level players in 1-3 person groups. We check all our camps or free fast travel locations to see how easy of a trek it will be, then set out. We sprint most of the way and crouch when out of AP. I suggest using Stealth Suit because playing Crysis 76 is fun. You get decent armor, less fall damage, no rads, and Invisibility.

When the camp is in range of the compass we start sneaking mainly. We find out where the player(s) are guarding, crafting, or PvPing. Find the perfect sightlines and cover, and that's when the fun begins.

Depending how we feel about the amount of targets, the base design, or what they are using, we plan different assaults. If we are feeling troll-y, we throw flares with Grenadier. I hit one player in their camp with one and they jumped off a fatal cliff, with Last Laugh grenade killing themself. Flares are amazing distractions too.

If the player is wearing PA with a jetpack, we assume they Quantum spam unless lower than 100 levels. A little bit of reconnaissance reveals their weapons or mannerisms. For those spammers we use Hellstorms and Targeting Missile launchers. If they resist that, we use pulse grenades and mines because they are apparently broken. Please use them responsibly. Everytime we kill one of these spammers, we loot all magazines for personal use, hide the Quantums and stims as hidden as possible, and hopefully make them re-import that character. (Heal spams need balanced horribly.)

If the player is below 200 we usually use Bows and Crusader Pistol. Cryo and Pyro Crusader works pretty well in PvP if your enemy isn't paying attention or weaker. So yea, we are killing full health players with Pistols and bows. I guess get good? And crouch. That helps us not VATs you.

Stealth is your friend. If you don't get seen, you have a good chance of survival. Become the Ghost. So far we have around 150 kills and ~20 deaths in total since the launch of High Risk. We've made players re-import characters, we've made some leave after killing them once, and some even left the moment a flare hits their roof. The most fun players however are the below 100. They PvP with aggressive meaning. They may not understand the game fully, and them not having META stuff leads to more balanced combat. I respect these guys the most.

And the absolute best part? We don't use healing items. We drop stims and healing items. We take damage and die an honourable death. So if you want to have fun, play Crysis 76. Don't use META weapons. Don't heal. Be a hit squad, and see how many assassinations you can get away with.

P.S: We're on Xbox, so if we sneak up on you, watch for the flares and Crusader pistols. We're out there, watching from the bushes. Sometimes we watch you build and craft while eating lunch.


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