House’s plan doesn’t seem very good.

Content of the article: "House’s plan doesn’t seem very good."

His plan is to build a tourist economy, but by his ending, he's completely alienated the NCR. It makes sense to have Vegas as a big attraction for the soldiers at Camp McCarran and anyone who might be visiting as part of expanded NCR business dealings in the Mojave, but that all comes crashing down if you get rid of the NCR troops. During the war, the Mojave is where all of the actions is, and if the NCR wins, it becomes an important part of their frontier, but if he kicks the NCR out, then Vegas is just in the middle of freaking nowhere.

It doesn't even seem that great except for it's novelty. It has some hookers at Gomorrah, but that's mainly an attraction for the NCR troops and isn't something people would trek across a post-apocalyptic desert for. The tops has a couple of okay-ish stage acts, but again post apocalyptic desert. The Ultra-Luxe seems genuinely nice with its bathhouse, Sauna, and Luxury restaurant, but I still think the post-apocalyptic desert is a big issue for people looking for luxury. Even though Vegas is actually pretty close to California, it's still a pretty long walk to get a nice bath. Unless people are just all fairly rugged and tough in post-apocalyptia, but it still feels like the people who can afford the Ultra-Luxe aren't the tough ones.

This also assumes the NCR still lets people go to Vegas. There's a treaty that said they had to, but that might get thrown entirely out of the window once House turns on them. They were also apparently building rail lines which might make the trip easier, but that's going to stop after the war too. Even if the NCR doesn't formally ban travel, there's still gotta be a lot of social pressure not to go to the place that destroyed the NCR's dreams.

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I know it's not really a hot take, but it seems like House is only a good option if you are willing to believe everything he says at face value, and assume he's as smart as he thinks he is and not just insufferably arrogant. Maybe he could sell water and electricity, but that still doesn't seem like enough to fund a space program.

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