How Fallout 4s Story Could Have Been Better

I'm currently doing a let's play series of Fallout 4 to help stave off the lockdown madness, and I'm using the Start Me Up mod that allows you to start as someone other than the Soul Survivor; someone from outside Vault 111. I recently finished up the part where you kill Kellog.

The detective bent with Fallout 4, even in the vanilla game, feels like something that was never really capitalized on properly. Yes, you do track Kellog down with Nick, and you do help Nick with his own personal business, but even with the Far Harbor missions it feels like the sleuthing aspect of the tone of Fallout 4 wasn't fully capitalized on.

Here I am, some random nobody who stumbles into a Vault and finds a holotape that depicts murder and a stolen child. Had this been the start of the game, rather than the hamfisted attempt to create drama over a child and a spouse that I've only known for all of 5 minutes before they're removed from my life doesn't create interest; it feels hollow and empty. As someone from the outside though, it becomes this genuine mystery.

Who was this person that kidnapped this child? Who was the child? Why would they steal a baby? Why would they steal a baby that's been frozen for over 200 years underground? So many questions come up, and we as the player have a greater interest in figuring out what happened then the game trying to force-feed us motivation to play the main story.

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I'm most likely preaching to the choir on this one, but ever since I've started making videos again I've been thinking a lot about the game, as well as other Fallout titles. I'll probably do a video essay about the story at some point, I just wanted to share my thoughts here and see what other people think.

What's you're taking on Fallout 4s main story? Do you like it, do you hate it, why or why not?

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