How I think the institute could be better

Content of the article: "How I think the institute could be better"

The institute, the boogeyman of the commonwealth. I believe this faction has some great flaws. Here is my opinion on how the institute could have been better.

Goals I always thought the institute's goals and actions contradict eachother. Even though they want to be completely independent from the surface world, they keep replacing people with synths. I think the institute should aspire to return to the surface world. Then replacing people with synths would make more sense, since they would be prepping the commonwealth for their return. It would also give a more impressive ending, building the first above ground institute base on the ruins of CIT, instead of just activating a reactor.

Synths Synths are the institute's main instruments for surface operations, they should be more impressive. I think instead of gen 1, 2 or 3, but worker synths, battle synths and infiltrator synths.

Worker synths are should basically be gen 1s, but be somewhat more advanced, more sophisticated decision making and less skeletal. They would only be encountered in the institute.

Battle synths should be the main surface opperators for the institute. They should be made of shiny metal and look prestine, instead of the filthy half-broken synths you encounter in the game. They should have build in weapons and even more sophisticated thinking capabilities than workers. If the institute is planning to return to the surface they would need these troops

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Infiltrator synths should be gen 3s. Extremely sophisticated thinking and "emotions". Stronger and more resilient than regular humans. Somewhat more controlled by the institute.

Coursers should be infiltrators, with some bionic enhancements and stronger, more advanced weapons and armor.

Base There should be workbenches.

Weapons and armor You should be able to unlock more advaced gear only at the instituts, such as stronger laser weapons or plasma weapons

Color scheme Not a very important point, but i don't like the institutes colors. They could have some sort of bee theme with black, white and yellow. Their weapons as such should have golden lasers and synth eyes.

These are just some changes I think could improve the institute. What do you think?

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