How I would overhaul FO4’s Factions

Content of the article: "How I would overhaul FO4’s Factions"

This is heavily inspired by how Far Harbor and Nuka-World structured it's plot line. We are getting rid of the 4 faction conflict and replacing it with a blend between Skyrim's and New Vegas' system.

The Institute as a faction is not the deciding factor in the ending. It's their base itself – like Hoover Dam in New Vegas.

So you have more major endings with lots of variation in between:

a) Do nothing: Why does the player have to decide the fate of the Commonwealth? In this ending, the player will get a quest whereby they can trigger the post-game w/o siding with a faction. The post-game will be what would have happened if the player never interferes, there would have been a continuous war and some landmarks would have been destroyed/changed as major battles occurred.

b) Faction endings: If you choose to become the leader of one faction in the late-game, that becomes the faction you will lead into the battle unless you choose to step-down or betray then destroy your current faction. You can no longer be the leader of the Minutemen and be director of the Institute etc.

You can work for any faction before this point and at several points you would have had options in how to deal with other factions in quests – this will have a tangent able impact in whether or not you can ally with them in the 2nd half of the game. If you wanted to become Minutemen general and side with the Brotherhood you would have two options, a) complete a significant portion of BoS quests or b) treat them favorably in MM quests if the option arises and then do a side quest to peacefully or forcefully ally with them. The player actually as consequences for their actions.

You can side or destroy as many factions as you wish, however the ending would have those factions under the flag of the chosen faction of the player.

In the end-game, there will be a battle for the Institute. If the player allies with or their faction with the Institute, they will be defending the Institute. If the player does not ally with the Institute, they will be attacking the Institute.

c) Yes-Man or Destroy Everything Ending: Basically the same as above but the player would create their own faction and can choose which factions to ally/destroy on their own. This would also allow for the player to destroy all other factions and take over the Institute as their home base with a Synth army to invade Commonwealth settlements if they wish.


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