How to Break the Game (several methods of creating OP characters/situations)

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I like to break games. It's one of the reasons I like Bethesda games in the first place – lots of exploitable code in those games. I don't play against the game. I play against the game's developers. I've played fallout 4 since its release and it's one of my all time favorites. Having beaten it in very hard and survival, and platinumed now I just play to wreck it.

Avoid doing all this if you want your game to be more challenging and immersive. But if you've already destroyed the game, and want to play with it:

Creating a VATS build:

High Luck

High Agility

Combining them makes you absolutely unstoppable

VATS Scanning and VATS targeting without using AP

Even if you have a weak AP and aren't doing a VATS build you can still use VATS to your advantage. First of all you can use it to scan for enemies and mines in the area simply by trying to enter VATS. This is usually called VATS scanning. The other thing you can do is lock onto a target, exit vats and quickly fire, causing the projectile to be fired on the VATS trajectory you chose. This works well with stationary enemies and excellent with explosive weapons, but not so much for moving targets. See the video.

Creating a radiation proof OP glass cannon:

Robes of Atom's Devoted, + 100% rad damage + Inquisitor of Atom perk (it also goes by another name like Defender of Atom but it's the same perk) – you get the robes, and the perk as you play through the Children of Atom's questline in Far Harbor, siding with them. This doubles attack damage for all attacks and makes you effectively immune to radiation. Too bad you can't make a settlement in the glowing sea as you could live quite comfortably there with the above. The main downside is inability to use armor.

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Stacks with:

Junkie build. Get addicted to everything, and use junkie weapons. If you start out with high specials it's well worth the negative withdrawal effects. Runs counter to a VATS build though because it will sink your hit chance in vats to single digits even for close by enemies.

Uncovering locations early:

Get Aquaboy/Aquagirl and swim to your destinations.

Getting money:

Build a lot of industrial purifiers in sanctuary and trade water for caps and items. You can fit over 40 in front of sanctuary with careful placement. That will yield up to 1300+ or so purified waters in your workbench every few days.

Getting around your weight limit early in the game:

While later on you can take perks to avoid being over encumbered there is a trick for hauling around a ton of stuff early on. Get a companion and instead of talking to them to trade items, simply drop the item on the ground and command them to pick it up, bypassing the weight limit check on your companion and allowing them to carry infinite weight. This works very well with the "getting money" trick above.


Either grow mutfruit exclusively (most food per plant) or grow mutfruit tatos and corn for making adhesive. You can create huge settlements full of robots to farm for you (with Automatron) but it will begin to slow down your workshop interaction across all connected settlements.

Connecting Settlements:

Using automatron you can create powerful robots and set them up at starlight drive in and later also at mechanist's lair. Connect them to all the settlements using a starburst pattern, from each location. If you can, equip the robots with robobrains so they engage long distance enemies. I like to name each bot after the settlement it supplies. You get a nice shipping system and patrols to cover your backside around the wasteland. Note that some people claim there are problems with this technique, such as robots dying or reverting to a default robot build. I've never had the former happen. I've had the latter happen but rarely. You can create heavily armed settlers to do the same thing but they require food, making it more difficult to create those starburst shipping patterns

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Maxing Companion Affinity:

Backstreet Apparel south by southwest of bunker hill (IIRC) contains a computer that controls a safe in the back room. You can repeatedly pick the lock on the safe and reset it with the terminal, and wait for the cooldown on the nearby couch. With Macready, just steal things. With Strong, becoming a cannibal is easiest.

Settler Warriors:

Equip your settlers with gauss rifles and/or miniguns when you can. All they require is one bullet for the weapon – their actual ammo is infinite. If you have a settlement that gets attacked all the time it won't improve your defense while you're away, but when you travel to defend it the settlers will do most of the work. I like doing this at taffington boathouse and Nordhagen Beach since muties tend to attack there a lot.

Repeatable easy XP:

Do the Learning Curve quest given to you by Scribe Quinlan on the Prydwen. Instead of leaving the Prydwen, sneak and go to the empty hanger where you can look through the scope of a gauss rifle and see the scribe waiting for you down below in front of the gate to the airport. Fully charge your shot and hit him in the head. It's too long a range for VATS so you'll have to do it manually. Once they are dead, report back to quinlan, receive your XP (and some caps I think) and lather rinse repeat.

If you're doing the purified water farming from above you can trade that for crafting supplies and craft stuff for XP.

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