How to Fix Fallout Four- Part One Concord

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I would like to provide thanks to Ruskie for this idea; a link to express my gratitude.

As it happens, I have a boring couple of days ahead and I need some daydreaming to get me through it. Rather than do another explanation of where this game went wrong, I thought I'd try and see how to fix it. Let's start with Concord. Brackets are skill checks; I will keep the system for faction reputation and skill checks from NV. Karma will also be included; there are also a few more scattered groups of Minutemen.

Misc changes:

Guns skill reduces recoil.

Your son is assumed dead, the main mission is to avenge his death.

Cait being Cait, will demand payment to pick locks; this goes away with affinity.

Nick will have no stealth and combat abilities to balance hacking and can only do up to 50.

With no further ado:

Upon entering Concord, you are greeted by a gang of raiders called the Black Hearts and their leader, Earl. It becomes clear over the conversation that although he's an evil son of a bitch, he's affable and surprisingly charming. He explains that a battered band of minutemen is holed up in the museum, several of his men are wounded and he wants you to help deal with them. You have the option to negotiate or kill them.

If you pick to attack: (Gain caps, black heart fame, lose small amount of karma, minutemen infamy)

1) Charge in guns a blazing

2) Get the blackhearts to lay down suppressing fire as a distraction while you slip in through the back door.

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3) Pick a lock in the sewers to ambush the minutemen from the basement.


1) Minutemen agree to hand over caps and blackhearts leave. , or ; treat Preston's wounded men to sweeten the deal. Option to lie but no real point. (Minutemen and Blackheart Fame). Can use speech to lie about the caps to Earl.

2) Minutemen agree to leave with promise of safety; pay caps to Earl . (Minutemen fame, good karma).

2a: Lie; minutemen are enslaved. (Minutemen infamy, evil karma, blackheart fame, caps). They can be used in future quests.

2b: Lie; minutemen are executed. Earl gives you a little ribbing over it but doesn't really mind because you did all the work. (Minutemen infamy, massive evil karma, blackheart fame, caps).

Help minutemen:

1) Defend the museum. Can make cocktails with materials around the place to help , treat wounded to scrounge up some manpower ,and use the power armor . (minutemen fame, good karma, black heart infamy). Can use charisma to make your allies fight harder.

2) . Offer to hold off the black hearts while Preston evacuates his men through the sewers. (minutemen fame, good karma, black heart infamy).

3) Tell Earl that the minutemen have a small army. (minutemen fame, good karma, black heart fame).

The matter who you pick; either Preston or Earl will thank you for your help. The player will be asked to do another job or to look for their sons killer. If they choose the latter, they will be wished luck and told that the offers still open.

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