How to Ride Shotgun

Have seen quite a few questions around here and a bit of misinformation with regards to the event "Riding Shotgun". I thought I'd write this guide while I have nothing better to do, in the hopes of helping some people farm their flags, outfits and backpacks.

Event Name: Riding Shotgun

Event Location: Big Bend Tunnel West

Event Start: Talk to Vinny Costa

When: Every 45-60 minutes

Possible Rewards: 80 caps (base, 10c extra per crate found, total 120)Blue Ridge Caravan outfit; Blue Ridge Caravan Gasmask; Plan: Blueridge Caravan Backpack; Plan: Blueridge Caravan Flag

First of all, this event is easily soloable, so do not stress if you are alone. The event seems to spawn more or less enemies based on how many people are participating.

Starting Steps:

After talking to Vinny Costa and hearing him tell Keiran and Eugenie to get a move on, or Libby and Carver to get to work, or Aries and Rudy to get in there (but not before he says any of those things, because if he doesn't call his workers in, the event is bugged and you are best jumping to another server to try again), Enter the tunnel and talk to the assigned Guard (Kieran, Aries or Libby) to begin the event.

Objectives: Protect the Brahmin at all costs and an optional Find all the crates.

Its pretty simple, once you talk to the guard, the event starts, you have enough time to go and look for the first crate, refer to this series of images for the possible spawn locations of all crates. If you have marathoner you can generally grab the first 2 crates before the first attack happens.

Once you have first crate or two, you want to head back to the caravan and wait for the first attack, you will have enemies coming from the tunnel (were you hopefully just found your first crate), usually in small numbers when solo and larger groups with 2+ players. There will also be a few glowing mongrels and a blood eagle or 2 who will attack via the newly made hole in the tunnel wall. Once these enemies are dispatched there will be a call that they are coming from your flank and another exposion will signal the arrival 1-3 more enemies from back towards the entrance of the tunnel.

Once these enemies are dispatched and your guard or merchant has commented on the battle that you just fought, stick with the caravan as it makes its way down the tunnel, you may get a pack or 2 of dogs spawning in, so keep an eye on the brahmin.

Eventually you will hit the next chamber where you will have to fight off a wave of enemies while the guard sets an explosive on a barricade blocking your route, once all the enemies have been killed the guard will stand up, call out fire in the hole and run away, at this point you can safely navigate your way into the next large area, where the blood eagle captain is waiting.

Personally at this point, I like to sprint up the tracks towards the walkway and then jump and jetpack my way up there, but you can take this on however you like, there can be anywhere from 3-6 enemies at ground level and another 1-2 up on the walkway with the blood eagle captain. Deal with them all how you see fit and if you didn't manage to get the 2nd crate before now, head down the side tunnel and grab it before pushing the button to open the gate. Upon pushing the button some more enemies may spawn in and they will need to be dispatched before you can continue the escort.

The act of moving the brahmin from one side of this massive chamber to the other takes what feels like forever, this is the perfect opportunity to go and look for the last 2 crates using the images shown above. Be wary as some of the crates may be trapped with explosives or bear traps.

Hopefully you have your last 2 crates and have now collected 4/4, head back to the caravan and keep an eye out for more dog pack spawns as you make your way down the tunnel. Once again you will be met with an open area where your guard will call out that an attack is imminent. You will then be rushed by anywhere from 6-12+ enemies, from behind and infront. Just make sure to take them down as quickly as possible.

Once you have dispatched the last enemy your guard will call for you to run to the exit and you will successfully complete the event upon reaching the exit with the caravan.

Congratulations, you just finished Riding Shotgun!

TL;DR – Riding Shotgun crate locations here

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