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Ok so I decided to try out fallout 4 again this time with mods. This will be my second time in general first with mods. I’ve downloaded over 90 mods and I know 90 is a lot for Xbox. It seems fine so far I’ve gone to Concord and Diamond City making sure everything is fine and it wouldn’t explode. I’m going to do some more testing.

I wanted to make this alittle bit of everything for everyone. It kind just overhauls almost everything from factions armors, to weapons that will be put into the leveled lists, to gameplay ai overhauls to make it more difficult, settlement building, etc…

I’m going to do a play though and post it on YouTube and I want to make it as enjoyable for everyone as possible. So my question is should I delete and download bigger mods so you guys don’t have to download 90+ mods if you want to play along with me. Granted not all of them you need to download but like what do you guys want?

General mods that if you want to play with me this should give you somewhat same experience

NAC Natural & Atmospheric Commonwealth – By L00pin

Arbitration – A Gameplay Overhaul – By Jackarbiter Immersive Fallout – By zanadaniel

Reverb and Ambiance overhaul – By mm135 radBirds – Birds Sound Overhaul – By steve40 P.A.M.S. Power Armor Movement Sounds – By ONIXer Project Reality Footsteps FO4 – By HULKHOLD3N

Borealis Landscape – By Napoleonofthestump Indubitable Ivy – By Spiffyskytrooper Boston Natural Surroundings – By Silverfox600

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If you download Boston Natural Surroundings DONT download the Borealis LOD. Borealis and Boston Natural Surroundings is fine but don’t download the LOD it will cause lag issues in your game especially at Concord when the death claw comes out.

Survival Options – By Jekod Immersive HUD (iHUD) – By Gopher

These mods will probably bring the most change and the rest unless I’m forgetting some either enhance or add on to the game

I have gory mods like Live dismemberment By DeathclawAlpha, Enhanced blood textures basic By dDefinder, and more

Eli’s Armour Compendium By Elianora, synth overhaul C.A.S.T. By MaaroTakao, and B-35C Heavy BoS By xgamer468

Modular Kalash By DOOMBASED, the pipe shotgun collection By elgoes, beretta By fadingsignal, and more

Lots more male hairstyles By rbddc12, lots more beards and moustaches By rbddc12,

Gorgeous Eyes overhaul By ShroudLegacy To my knowledge Xbox only so for

PC The Eyes of beauty Fallout Edition By LogRaam

PS4 Eyes Expanded By Lamanise

One last thing be careful with Eye mods if you have a modded eye color on your character and you delete the mod it will mess up your character.

Campsite (XBOX) – Simple Wasteland Camping By fadingsignal, The Mobile Mechanic XBOX ONE – Portable By fadingsignal, and Conquest – Building New Settlements And Camping By Chesko

I think you get the point right?

So again I don’t mind going through reevaluating some of the mods and lowering the amount I have but I will look for replacements that are bigger so there aren’t as many. Meaning 90 mods to download lol.

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I really want this to be an enjoyable experience for everyone who wants to join me. I’ll also try to look into some replacement ps4 mods but you’re very limited so not sure how much I’ll be able to help. Especially because I can’t test the compatibility I can only suggest mods.

I’ll post the final mod list and load order once it’s finished. If I do delete any mods and download any others I gotta make sure it won’t crash the game, but I’m only doing so much because I also don’t want to spoil to much for myself. This means potentially late game crashes could occur idk it should be fine but it happens.

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