I actually really like 76’s perk/Special system

Content of the article: "I actually really like 76’s perk/Special system"

So, I know 76 isn't great, (mostly because they made it multiplayer, even though if it had been a standard single player game with all of the creatures and neat factions and weapons they made/brought back it could've been pretty good actually), but one think I think it did really interestingly was the Perk Card/ Special system.

I like the way that Special levels are treated as a resource to use rather than just unlocking stuff. It's just cool that having 5 endurance lets you equip 5 endurance perks, rather than just needing x endurance to unlock perks. There's just something satisfying about it. It also works really well with not having a level cap, which would make 3/NV skills not really viable (even though I guess they could go back to 1/2 style even though that seemed a little awkward and heavily based on RNG and I had no idea how high to make any of my skills), and lets you get extremely overpowered in fallout 4. This way you get more flexibility and a wider array of abilities after you hit level 50, but you stop gaining raw power, so there's still a limiting factor. Plus, you still unlock different perks at different levels, so there's still that drive to just get to level x and unlock that one perk that'll really help your build.

I also kind of like starting with almost nothing and having stat checks that get progressively harder. I think the stat checks in dialogue work pretty well, since they stop you from being crazy Op with speech at low levels (Many a true Nerd did a great video on the problem with speech in fallout, part of it being that you can basically get max speech at level 4 in Fo3, 7 in FNV, and 1 in 4), so if you want to be able to sell snow to an eskimo, you have to be at least level 15, and put all of your points in charisma, which unlike the fairly skill point rich environment of 3 and NV requires serious sacrifices to your other abilities. Plus there are checks for other stats, so you can often find one that matches your characters build. They also work really well with the perk card system, since even though you can rapidly reconfigure some parts of your build for different situations (e.g equipping fireproof when fighting a scorchbeast, or changing for your adventuring build to your crafting build) you still have the same raw stats which make checks stay meaningful.

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Also, objective fact; card are cool. I might just have seen too much Yu-Gi-Oh as a kid, or like the X-man gambit too much, but they have an inherent coolness to them.

Anyway, I actually like this system, and would be down with it returning for at least one more game, as long as the perks we get are good (some of 76's are some aren't, same as it's always been). I don't like having to spend a quarter of all of my points just to be able to carry my stuff around.

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