I am going to attempt to count all of the lights in Diamond City(No Mods)

Content of the article: "I am going to attempt to count all of the lights in Diamond City(No Mods)"

So one day(today) I was bored out of mind in Diamond City shopping for scrap when after I took a good look around Diamond City and I realized that there are ALOT of lights in Diamond City so after counting how many this is the result:

P.S I am not counting neon lights so sorry Nick.

P.P.S here are the types of lights I found in Diamond City:

Bulb lights,

Lantern lights,


Fluorescent lights,

and fire lanterns.

The Stadium lights:When I refer to stadium lights I mean the big spotlights on the stadium walls that point down into the city,anyway there are 7 spotlights,2 do not work,so that makes 5 spotlights to count.The first one has 48 working bulbs,the second on has 34 working bulbs,the third one has 37 working bulbs,the fourth one has all 75 bulbs in working order,and the fifth one also as 34 working bulbs.Since 48+34+37+75+34 equals 228,we can conclude that there are 228 bulbs in working order on the stadium.

The Upper-Stands:This one is pretty easy since the upper-stands are small and as so doesn't need so many lights so after counting I can conclude that there are 36 lantern lights,3 fluorescent lights,and only one searchlight.Adding these up we get exactly 40 lights.

Now before I count the lights in Diamond City proper I need to say that in order for me to make counting easier i'm going to divide the DC proper into sections so please bear with me.Now let's continue!

Home,Third,First,and Second street:These are the main streets of DC where everyone lives,the combined total of the number of lights here is 38.There were 19 lantern lights,14 bulb lights,and 5 fluorescent lights.

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Sheng Kawolski's Water shop/DCR(Diamond City Radio):There are 25 total lights in this area,which were 2 searchlights,20 bulb lights under the DCR studio(I know weird place),2 standslights,and 1 fire lantern.

The Farm/the stage:If your confused about what area I'm talking about,I'm talking about the area that place where McDonough made his speech and the small farm right across to it,anyway after counting there are 6 standlights,10 lantern lights and 2 fluorescent lights,adding to a total of 18 lights.

The Market:I just want to say this took me quite a while because there are so many lights here but I will do my best,anyway after counting the total is 243 lights with 27 of them being lantern lights,8 of them being searchlights,another 8 being fluorescent lights,and 200 of them being bulb lights.

So with the numbers we have we can add 228+200+40+38+25+18=549.There you have it folks,an astounding 549 lights!

Kill Me.

TL;DR:There are 549 lights in Diamond City and I now wanna die.

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