I believe I got teleported into the demon realm

Content of the article: "I believe I got teleported into the demon realm"

Alas, I had made the journey with my friend. Slugging it through Silo Alpha. Asking myself "Gee, when did laser turrents become such a pain". Dying more times than i would rather admit (it was 3 times). I finally launched my first nuke after a very lackluster prepration phase. I was excited to get a roll on what could be considered the wasteland's biggest problem. A colossal one, some may say.

The nuke falls from the heavens, and i hop in with my commando anti armor handmade, ready to do some damage. I sit with fellow wastelanders at the rubble pile, anxiously awaiting for the one pebble to fall so the rest of the boulders can make their way down the shaft. One dude had some nuka power armor. Another, a ranger's coat. Little did I know me and my Chally mask/pink short suit would never see them again. We hop down the shaft, and there it is. Ole Earle buddy.

We fire away, unloading the an amount of lead probably equal to that of New York's drinking water into his 3 ugly mugs. About 5 minutes in, is when it happens. The meat piles, well, pile up. The wendigos swarm us on all ends. Then, it happens. Nightmare fuel. My textures are so messed up, black cubes are emerging from Earle and my Handmade. Textures are frozen around me as i unleash all the firepower i have. My screen is covered in these black broken fragments of texture but i persevere. There were 8 of us. Then 6. Then 5. Then, just my friend, 2 randoms, and myself. 6 minutes left and we have only knocked out a quarter of the second health bar. I could only see the black, but i kept fighting valiantly.

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Then, Appalachia chewed me up and spit me out. To the Xbox dashboard I went, defeated once more by three heads with an IQ of 1. I was ready to make history, to slay the beast named Earle. Instead, Appalachia made me enter the demon realm of fragmented textures and hard crashing. Little did I know, I was the cursed weapon all along.


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