I CANNOT get Fallout 3 to launch HELP !

Hello !

I've been trying to get this damn game to launch for about a hour and a half now and I used every fucking trick in the book.

Microsoft Games for Windows wasn't installed, so I started with that issue, but it displayed an error message. I had to go to the logs that were linked in the error message and install it manually. So now, when I try launching the game from steam (or anywhere else, I've tried), I don't have this error message telling me I needed these files, but the game just opens a tiny window at the top left of my screen for a second, then my whole screen becomes black for an other second, and then nothing.

I tried putting these lines in the Falloutprefs.ini :


I checked the compatibility modes of the .exe in the directory and change it from Windows Vista to Vista SP 1 & 2 and Windows XP SP 3, I also tried Windows 8 just in case but nothing

I tried running the game.exe as administrator but it doesn't work, I tried running the launcher.exe as administrator as well but it doesn't work either.

I checked the resolution of the game and it's exactly the resolution of my screen. I tried lower resolution and windowed mode, but nothing.

I installed the Fallout Script Extender and the unofficial patch both found on the Nexus but nothing happens either.

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Something weird happens though. Here are the steps to it :1 – launch the game from steam -> the launcher appears2 – I click "Play" -> a window pops up asking for permission3 – I say no -> error message saying "fallout 3 does not appear to be installed and its installer could not be found"

Now I looked it up on Google and apparently some people have had this issue, so I followed the steps they used to solve it, and it involves making sure there's a String Value linking the Registry Editor to the game registry and the executable, and YES THERE IS ONE ! Linked to the folder might I add.

I don't know what else I can do to get it to work. If the games works for you, could you let me know which one of these steps you had to follow and what "state" your game is in ? (100% Vanilla, .ini file modified or not, how many cores to your CPU, and when you check the properties of the game executable, what is it compatible to). I could try to replicate it as closely as possible and see if it works.

thanks in advance

EDIT : I fixed the problem ! I had to delete all of the files (except the saves) in the "C:UsersyournameDocumentsMy gamesFallout3" directory. I launched the game after that and it worked.

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Here is the state of my game :

in "C:Steam LibrarysteamappscommonFallout 3 gotyFallout3" you'll find the FalloutPrefs.ini file. Mine is modified with 2 extra lines at the bottom, each on a different line.


When I check the properties of Fallout3 (NOT FalloutLauncher), the compatibility is set to "Windows XP (Service Pack 3)" and "Run as Administrator" is also ticked, just beneath.

Here are a list of mods I downloaded with Vortex. They're almost all from the Nexus :FallOut Script Extender (FOSE), ArchiveInvalidation Invalidated, Command Extender, Updated Unofficial Fallout 3 Patch, Fallout Stutter Remover

Those are patchs for the game. The other mods I installed are cosmetic are other miscellaneous ones. If this helps anyone, happy gaming my friend.

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