I didn’t like Fallout 2 because of its’ humor

Content of the article: "I didn’t like Fallout 2 because of its’ humor"

Let me make it clear that I love Fallout 2's main story, the enclave are one of my favorite factions in the FO universe and most of the side places and missions that you can go on are cool as well. But what makes me dislike the game is its' humor. FO 1 had dark humor in it and it worked extremely well especially with the setting. FO 2 on the other hand completely messed up the game by cramming it full of jokes and references of the late 90s, using meta jokes in reference to the first game, the possible 3rd game and the current game. Maybe I just had a few bad play throughs but boy did I come across so many jokes and reenactments of Monty Python skits that it made me unimmersed from the game. If I got curious about a mysterious stranger guarding a bridge oh wait it's another skit reenactment. Oh wait there's a talking mole rat, okay he's talking about Cheesy poofs. Oh wait what does this npc have to say? Oh right they're making a meta reference to Fallout 1 and how they might appear in the next game. Making pop culture jokes in any game does not make a game any better.

The same thing happened with the Far Cry series. Far Cry 3 was the jump start to what the series is today and is nothing like the first two original games making it a far cry from the originals. See what I did there? I went out of my way to make a stupid joke distracting you from the main point and that is exactly what games like FO2 does. They go out the way to make some joke they deem hilarious that at the end it leaves the player or viewer disoriented and they have to refocus at the task at hand. Now going back to the Far Cry series, FC3 made the series what is today however, FC4 derailed quite a bit. In the previous game when driving there may have been some music to listen to on the radio, but usually it matched a lot with the action and suspension when fleeing from enemies. FC4 changed all of that and instead added a DJ. Now I don't remember much of the music that was on the radio, but I sure do remember the DJ and he was no 3 Dog. Not to trigger anyone reading this, but imagine a beta virgin looser having his own radio show in a bunker that he is too afraid to come out of especially at the end of the game. This guy was not only cringe, but he constantly pop culture references, he even called the main antagonist the Joker because of the way that he dressed. Even the main antagonist calls you up from time to time name dropping celebrities that he wishes to see or to kill. It was completely over the top to the point where the wasn't as fun as it should of been.

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Both FO2 and FC4 have an interesting main story, but both suffer from the fait of having jokes for the lols and not grounded in the lore or environment that they are set in.

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