I don’t get some of the hate on Fallout 4

Content of the article: "I don’t get some of the hate on Fallout 4"

I know Bethesda in general gets flack for their games, but Fallout 4 lately has been getting shit on a lot, and I think at least some of it in unjustified.

The character building in 4 is pretty good. I'm pretty sure at this point most of the community agrees that skills had to go. Skills are really bad for character building, they punish specialized builds way too much and made special stats way less valuable. Replacing skills with perks also wasn't bad. If you complain about the basic perks that are just damage increases, you probably didn't play Fallout 1 and 2 where the only usable perks were straight stat increases. Even ignoring that, perks like idiot savant, rooted, and ghoulish feel like classic Fallout perks. Special stats are also way more valuable now, making the initial stat selection and leveling more important. The only issue I have with the perk system is there are some perks that are just not worth taking. Not because they're bad by themselves, but because there are other perks with way more value. For traits being gone, that can easily be explained by the whole game being geared toward long term play, and imagine dealing with a sizeable downside for an entire playthrough.

I understand the complaints on the dialogue, but I think it's still bashed too much. For the dialogue diamond/wheel, I understand it looks bad, but mechanically it's a good system. You constantly have choices to be an asshole, a smart ass, or be nice at any given time. Compare this to Fallout 1, 2, and New vegas where you can be kinda nice, or an asshole, and usually those are your only options. Or in 3 where your options were either sucking the NPC's dick or telling them to suck yours. As good as this system is I will admit it looks bad and I don't want to see it in Fallout 5, though I do want the variety of dialogue options. I have similar thoughts on the voiced protagonist. I understand this is pretty bad to have in a Fallout game, but I grew to be fine with it, and I think that sentiment has grown on most of the community, as i rarely see complaints on the protagonist being voiced anymore. Like the dialogue wheel even if I'm fine with this I don't want to see it done again. For actual written dialogue I also understand the complaints, but I see people compare final boss speeches to random mid-questline NPCs. I like to excuse the quirky mind changes NPCs make when gone through a charisma check a consequence of when you have to make charisma viable enough for players to want to build into. Conversations now feel very human, and they've gotten pretty good at this over time, as seen in 76.

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I don't see myself as someone able to accurately judge writing, but I have noticed people aimlessly bash Bethesda. Now I will admit, the institute is probably the worst written antagonist out of any Fallout game and some Elder Scrolls games where the villains are written just to be motiveless bad guys. Even then, I think their motives and lore are somewhat interesting, they're very similar to House from New Vegas if he was a council instead of one dude. People say Fallout 4 has no moral greyness, but just look at synths. Through the whole game and especially in Far Harbor, you're conflicted with whether synths are humans, abominations, or machines. The faction conflict is also in full force in 4. A very popular complaint is that choices have no consequence, which, is probably the complaint I understand the least of. You have four endings, with lasting impacts and consequence throughout the game. The consequences are so big most people side with the minutemen since their ending has half as much consequence s the other three. These endings are as impactful as New Vegas except here you can easily see your consequence in the world after it's done. You also have a DLC who's sole purpose is to allow you to say fuck the only neutral faction for the ability to be a raider.

After writing this I realized I said I don't agree with some criticism when I just listed off every complaint I've heard, but I wanted to share my realization I had after replaying 4 after a long time of not touching the game. The game felt true to the series, even feeling faithful to the first two games.

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