I don’t get the hate on all of Bethesda’s Fallouts

You see, im new to Fallout 4, been playing Fo3 and NV for years and recently i got my first gaming pc and have been playing 'newer' games like Fallout 4 and let me tell you it is so fun to play, i was afraid of it not being as good or being a bad game because i used to read a lot of bad critics and watching youtube videos about how bad it is, but honestly fuk all that, this game is one of my favourites.

Yes, New Vegas is the best, yes, Fallout 4 has some repetitive quests, less dialogue, "dumbed down mechanics", but it is a more modern game with much to do, i do miss the more rpg elements, but its ok, games evolve, games change and Fallout 4 introduced many good things, why to be angry at all that?.

Let me be real honest with you all, i think many of these people who hate on bethesda Fallouts, have collectively jerked-off to some guys that complained a while ago and have the mentality of "old is always better" saying 1 and 2 are better based entirely on nostalgia. Nobody is saying the newer are inherently "better", they are just more "playable".

People have said "its dumbed down", but cmon its just a videogame not Nuclear Physics, its still SO enjoyable, the new games are not made for you "the guy who wants to play the same old 2d games" they obviously want to attract a younger and more numerous audience. And thats ok.

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Im glad my nephew has been playing Fallout 4, now he has a huge interest in Fo3 because i told him about 3's lore 🙂

See? It may be bad for RPGs nerds, but good for growing the community.

See these videos below? Would you believe that i agree with BOTH? Its not that complicated.

FALLOUT 3 IS GARBAGE: https://youtu.be/mLJ1gyIzg78

FALLOUT 3 IS BETTER THAN YOU THINK: https://youtu.be/5z8XHe2NoAE

And maybe some day ill play Fo76 and see for myself.

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