I don’t understand the praise for Fallout 1 & 2

Content of the article: "I don’t understand the praise for Fallout 1 & 2"

I decided to give Fallout 1 a try. I really did. Back in '08, Fallout 3 was my entry to this series and I was born in '92 so maybe I am just a filthy millennial casual.

I managed to play 15 hours or so and am at the Hub right now but struggle to find the motivation to continue playing and I am unable to understand the praise it gets.

I don't understand how FO1 is heralded as the best (or 2nd best after FO2) Fallout game, and even one of the best RPG's of all time.

The world is empty, it's very repetitive and the gameplay is just not good. Everything looks the same, copy pasted textures every step you take. It almost looks entirely random generated.

I know it's due to the limitations back then but judging from all the praise it gets and all the claims that it's even better than the modern Fallout games today… I seriously cannot see anything that it does better than the new ones. I would rather play Fallout 76 even and I hate that game and have way less playtime on that than on Fallout 1 now.

  • The interface is just utter trash
  • The inventory management is pure cancer
  • The controls are clunky as can be
  • The graphics and art design are very repetitive and you can't even make out details due to it's low resolution
  • The animations are terrible. Except the dialogue windows with voiced NPC's. Those are fantastic.
  • The soundtrack is non-existent
  • The whole system is based on chance and randomness and thereby promotes save-scumming. It literally says so in the Manual AND in the Official Guide! Save often!
  • The game basically requires no skill what-so-ever. Putting points into your skills is not very challenging, the combat is not challenging, it's just pure chance.
  • You don't need aim, or motor function, no perception and awareness of what's happening on the screen. You just click click click around and the game almost plays itself.
  • It's neither harder nor more complex than the Bethesda games. It heavily relies on save-scumming due to the random nature of the gameplay. It even says so both in the manual and in the official guide. Save often!
  • Stealing breaks the game and economy completely. Pick-pocketing is straight out broken and there literally are no repercussions for taking everything out of closets, fridges, shelves and boxes.
  • The game is buggy as hell. Stuck in combat and can't end turn, crash while traveling the world screen, companions blocking your pathway, "bad" NPC's like Kilian' Assassin initiate combat and now everyone is trying to kill you, even the good guys. Now you have to reload 10 times and find a way to circumnavigate all that.
  • Having a timer the entire game is real bad game design. Are we playing an RPG with exploration or are we doing a speedrun? I wasted probably 30 days just roaming the map in hopes to find anything cool. Nah, there is nothing there. No secrets to discover, all points of interests are located on the right side and you just have to pick them.
  • You can't interact with the game world. The few things that can be interacted with, just look like generic background decoration and just blend in. You'd have to click on every single texture in a level in order to find out if you can interact with it. Doesn't sound fun, sounds tedious.
  • The companion system is just complete garbage. Even though turn based games are destined to have controllable companions. No, Ian just puts his pristine shotgun with 80 shells away, runs towards and enemy and punches him. Now he is circled by 5 raiders and dies. I had to save scum 20 times to find a route for me to take, so that they wouldn't kill him and they focus their fire on me. Because companions apparently can't heal themselves, even with Stimpaks in their inventory. How did I get Stimpaks inside his inventory? Since you can't access their inventory, you have to use "steal" on them and drop the stuff in their inventory. Immaculous game design.
  • The writing isn't anything special, it's pretty mediocre. The NPC's talk to you like you are a 5 year old (yes, even with 7 points in Intelligence) and they explain everything like you would towards a child. "Rad-Scorpions are dangerous because they have a stinger and sting. They are poisonous". "Shandy Sands is a town. We came from Vault 15. Now we live in Shady Sands. Aradesh is the leader. Tandi is missing. Plz helps us!", "We are Bandits, we are bad, we rob and take.", "Blood and Darkness!", "Pain and Suffering!", "AAAARRRRGH!", "I am happy because there are lots of things that bleed", "The Hub is the trade center. We earn a living with trade, who are you?". "I am a trader, I trade with goods.", "Hello, I am Kilian, I own this shop. Gizmo is evil, he runs the casino and is fat."
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I could go on and on about the writing and copy paste every single line of dialogue in this reddit post. Just look at the Gizmo/Kilian quest. You just waltz right into Gizmo's empty casino, mention his assassin, offer your help and that's it. Quest done. He just trusts you like that, in 20 seconds.

Then you have a showdown in his office and he dies. End. Same with saving Tandi.

Brilliant writing, impeccable. I give it to FO1 that there are some funny lines, but that doesn't make the writing or story good just like a comedy movie isn't a good movie just because there is a joke hidden somewhere every 60 minutes.

I played Wasteland 2 and this game improves upon Fallout 1 in every single way possible. Maybe not the story, but is that really all you care about? Story and nothing but story? Isn't gameplay way more important?

Help me understand why Fallout 1 apparently is just so much better than 3, NV and 4? Just give me some pro's and con's, I am desperate to understand.

It can't be the interface, the controls, the world, the art design, the graphics, the gameplay or the audio and soundtrack. It can't be the animations, the inventory management or "immersion". It can't be customization or crafting. It can't be the looting. It can't be the companion system.

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So what is it exactly?

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