I finally finished Fallout 4 after four years!

Content of the article: "I finally finished Fallout 4 after four years!"

FYI by “finished”, I meant that I finished the last main DLC, Nuka World and Far Harbour. I didn’t buy Automation or any of the vault DLC.

Also, I played on PS4 and didn’t use mods. I didn’t want to create a Bethesda account.


Unlike other Bethesda games, I just dipped into Fallout 4 every few months, playing it on and off. I think the only time that I had a sustained time playing it, was when I first bought it.

I finished the main story and side content in early 2017, and then half heartedly started a new character later that year, but I never got far.

I didn’t play it all that much for the next two years.

Then in mid-2019, I bought both DLCs. They were on discount on PSN and I had heard good things about them. I thought “ehh why not” and bit the bullet.

I played Far Harbour and really, really enjoyed it. It IS miles better than the base game (story and sidequests!)

Then I ran into a game breaking bug and lost about eight hours of playtime (a character was glitched and wouldn’t trigger the dialogue that would finish the DLC. I had been saving religiously. Even so, the Character had vanished several hours earlier and I hadn’t noticed. Screw me.)

It completely killed my enthusiasm for the game. So, I dropped it.

Until this summer, when I played Fallout New Vegas and was reminded of its existence.

The Negative

It took me almost a hundred hours to finish Fallout 4. About 60 or so hours for the main story and world, and about 20 hours for the DLC. Even so, I had far less fun than I had playing New Vegas.

I’m sure you’ve all heard many of these criticisms before; the terrible dialogue system, removal of skills, middling story, the lack of any great sidequests, and Preston Garvey. I’ll briefly address each of these points:

  • The dialogue system: you have a choice between “lame humour”, “angry/rude response”, or “good/polite response”. And most of the time you can’t even see the full line. It’s very lackluster. I get that it was probably due to the voiced protagonist, but Bethesda could’ve at least added more variety to your choices and responses.

  • Removal of skills: building your character doesn’t matter. Now, your character has to be a cookie cutter archetype. Whether you like it or not. It’s all about COMBAT now, not CHARACTER. Charisma is just for dialogue checks that make the game slightly easier, f*ck skill checks in dialogue! As for your choices affecting quests, only one quest in the game utilises your SPECIAL stats at all as a compromise. That’s it.

  • Middling story: you play as a young teenager, setting out to look for your father…whoops, wrong game. In this game, you play as a spouse, looking for your son in the Wasteland! Aside from that, nothing in the story really matters. Sure, you can pick a side and kill all of the others at the end, except if you side with the Minutmen. But that’s really the only choice you have. The rest of the story is very linear and quite short. No fun sequence breaking like in Fallout 3! I went with the Railroad because I thought Tinker Tom had a few funny lines. That’s it. It’s way worse than Fallout New Vegas, but it’s better than Fallout 3 in my opinion.

  • No good sidequests: All of the sidequests are laughably black and white, or badly written. Now, I’ll admit this didn’t bother me as much as the other points. There are some fun sidequests that live up to the Fallout name, but not many (Last Voyage of the U.S.S. Constitution). A lot of them are just boring side quests.

  • Preston Garvey. He is boring and annoying and I hate him.

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The Good

Surprisingly enough, there was a lot I actually liked about this game. I just wish it was more cohesive and better put together. To list: The map, the combat, and the companions (except Preston Garvey).

  • The Map: the commonwealth is great. I had a blast exploring it. It’s clearly sectioned into different areas. I loved Boston, the coastline, and the glowing sea the most. The cities and towns were great. It was a joy to discover a new place and explore, finding new things and enemies. I also loved the fact that the Commonwealth had a lot of unmarked places. Added variety to exploration.

  • The Combat: I thought the combat gameplay was just decent, but the modding system was amazing. I used many different weapons during my journey. Sometimes I would carry up to five weapons, just so I could have a range of options in dealing with enemies. In the end, I settled on a gauss rifle and the Spray and Pray (a machine gun with explosive rounds.) I loved the options you had for builds and weapons. Best feature of the game.

  • The companions (except Preston): The companions were entertaining and probably had my favourite writing in the entire game. Some of them were more interesting than others (Nick, Deacon and Hancock). But overall, I loved them all and spent a lot of time travelling and questing with each of them.

    The settlement system

I didn’t like it, but I heard others did. I found it clunky, and not my cup of tea. But I’m gonna respect the tastes of others and not criticise it. Each to their own.

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Far Harbour was great. Nuka World not so much.

Far harbour had great writing and characters, especially if you brought Nick along. The Island was just as well designed as the main map. I give it an 8/10.

Nuka World is decent. The park is interesting, the quests and characters aren’t. I enjoyed being a raider and telling Preston to fck off, but aside from that, it was *meh. 6/10.

In conclusion

I enjoyed my time with Fallout 4, but I wouldn’t replay it. I already have plans to reinstall Fallout 3 and replay New Vegas at some point, but never Fallout 4.

It’s a damn shame. As we see with Fallout 76, Bethesda has no plans to return to old school Fallout.

But that not’s the point. I think that at the end of it, Fallout 4 could’ve been a great game if Bethesda had just tightened things up and included more variety; Dialogue that actually makes a difference, a better story, more integrated settlement building, and more open quests with more choices.

As it stands, Fallout 4 is just fine. Not bad or good, just fine.

That’s all folks. Back to the backlog!

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