I Got Immersed into Fallout 4 a Bit Ago for the First Time

Content of the article: "I Got Immersed into Fallout 4 a Bit Ago for the First Time"

I just felt like sharing this first-time gaming experience I had. I'm still working on getting good with flairs, so tell me if I messed that up.

TL;DR, I lost all distractions around me, zoned out for multiple hours, and felt like I was dreaming while listening to The End of the World in a post-apocalyptic video game. For my first time.

Usually when I play games, I'm thinking about how my day went, my plans for tomorrow, and other things. I listen to music or reviews of the games I play, too.

One day about a week or so ago, I decided to turn all the lights off, put headphones on, and basically cut off all outside distractions while I zoned the fuck out.

I ended up in the West Roxbury Station. Power Armour on, and Dogmeat by my side. We started blowing through the super mutants inside. I took notice to the pre-war messages coming on the speaker system that just repeated over and over. Then "The End of the World" came on, and everything started feeling surreal.

Like, I felt like I was in a dream. The messages, the song that isn't even related to the -actual- end of the world that happened, and the visuals of the ruined subway station a combined in such a new way for me. Once the super mutants were dead, it was like a liminal space, and I felt like both myself in the chair, AND the character I was playing as and viewing the world through the eyes of.

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I never knew how much I actually needed to appreciate the world and sound designers in video games until then. The radio's music choices in Fallouts are great, but despite the ways I think 4 doesn't reach its potential, no other game will top this experience. The whole thing was so different from what I'm used to, I can't even find words for it.

…I should try this with a horror game… and a really emotional game… I should try this with EVERY game! Call me weird for never doing this before that day, but it just never came to mind!

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