I Had The Most Wholesome Experience With A New Player And Got To Pay It Forward!

Content of the article: "I Had The Most Wholesome Experience With A New Player And Got To Pay It Forward!"

So I was minding my own business in my camp, getting ready for the daily grind, when a level 13 happens to stop by and waves at me. Just as they're about to head off I use the "gift" emote and drop them some stimpaks, food, and purified water, knowing how hard those were to come by as a beginner player.

Then remembering what a welcoming start I had to the game, I wanted to take it a step further and asked if I could craft them some weapons. They spammed the thumbs up and heart emotes so I went to work. The end result was a nicely sharpened serrated machete, a fully modded out suppressed 10mm pistol with armour-piercing rounds, an automatic handmade that was also fully modded with a silencer and a handful of ammo to go along with it all. All level-appropriate save for the handmade which is a level 15 weapon.

Thinking that was that, I continued repairing my armour/weapons when I got a notification that someone had bought something from my vendor. It was the new player! They bought around ~80 rounds of .38 ammo, for 80 caps, and I really felt bad as they were spending no-doubt the majority of their caps on ammo that'd not last too long. So I rush on over, pull out the .38 ammo I left in for people to easily complete their "buy an item from a player" daily challenge, and dropped them 2,000 rounds. Their reaction to it honestly melted my heart!

I then asked if they'd like to do some events to level up a bit and be able to test out their handmade which would no doubt carry them quite a way until they can gear themselves. They happily agreed and we set off!

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We managed to do Fertile Soil, snag in a few legendaries in Leader of the Pack, and even got to check out Line in the Sand where they managed to test out their new weapons and unload upon the hordes of scorched which got them to level 15! Seeing them frantically running from group to group, trying to get a tag in amongst all the tesla fire, was so exhilarating!

As a final test and send-off to my new friend in the wasteland, I had them challenge a Scorchbeast all by themselves. They didn't even break a sweat nor hesitate; armed with the now-useable automatic handmade they made quick work of it with the armour-piercing magazine!

I managed to take a few clips of some of the moments, wish I managed to take more for memories but I was too caught up living in the moment!

A Small Gift
Did Somebody Say Ammo?
The Adventure Has Just Begun!

It is moments like these that make the game so worthwhile to me, to be able to interact with others, help them on their journey, witness their progress, which in turn may result in a cascading effect. Be kind to each other, always.

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