I hate Nuka World (DLC, not location) so much. Is there a way to make it good (morally, and quality)?

Content of the article: "I hate Nuka World (DLC, not location) so much. Is there a way to make it good (morally, and quality)?"

I understand what Bethesda was going for with Nuka World. The idea that you could be good or bad in Fallout 3 was one of the best things about it, and then here comes Fallout 4 and you can really only be a good guy. So Nuka World tried to solve that problem by shoehorning you into being a raider boss and forcing you to go back to the Commonwealth and enslave it, which makes Preston Garvey hate you (not that that's entirely a bad thing).

Sure, there's the quest Open Season where you just don't and you slaughter the raiders instead, but that's like siding with Wernher in The Pitt (Fallout 3 expansion), it's all fun and games until you have a hundred raiders on you like stink on shit. The game really isn't designed to be played like that, and unless you're stupidly overpowered, it's not gonna go your way. And it's just not realistic to take on 100 guys like that. (I'm sure it's not exactly 100, though if anyone knows the exact number, for either expansion, be my guest.)

I tried Nuka World Reborn (a mod), but it completely nerfed the Gauntlet and, point of fact, made it impossible. Part of the Gauntlet (where the guys are supposed to be attacking from above) is blocked off and it's impossible to proceed without TCL. Then there's the basement in Fizztop Grille, they stuck a door behind a non-working "out of order" elevator door, so you again need TCL to activate it. On top of all that, loads of textures Z-fighting (the flickering when two textures are applied to the same surface) and flickering in and out (e.g. I'm in Fizztop Mountain and portions of the stairs are disappearing, they're still there but I'm walking up invisible stairs). So, either poorly made, or conflicting with something else. Since I don't have any other Nuka World mods (except for its sequel, I forget the name, but it's the same modder), I can only blame that mod (or that pair of mods). It seems to be what I'm looking for, too, something that takes Nuka World and makes it into an expansion where you can do good, as a good character. I mean, I want absolutely 0% as in nothing to do with Colter, Gage, or the gangs. I want to go in, liberate the traders, kick the gangs out, power Nuka World, and open it to settlers (and their kids!) to visit. Or… something like that.

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There's a lot of potential in Nuka World, and it's a fascinating setting, I just don't like the quests and characters.

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