I hate the Automaton DLC more than Ulysses loves the sound of his own voice.

Content of the article: "I hate the Automaton DLC more than Ulysses loves the sound of his own voice."

I am sorry, but this is gonna be a rant. I can't even begin to find the words I would need to adequately describe how much I hate this god damn DLC.

In all the times that I have played through Fallout 4, which is a lot. I probably finished it at least 6 times and had around 15 more unfinished playthrough, I have not once been able to reach the conclusion of Automaton without severe technical difficulties. Either Ada will glitch out and hinder the quest's progress at the tail end of a "New Threat", or Jezebel will refuse to acknowledge that I have built her a body, or the automaton you build the key in will refuse to scan the stupid 70 layered door into the Mechanist's layer, or the game will just crash as soon as you use a scope of any kind in the same room as the robots that get dragged by the conveyor around the ceiling, or the god damn doors to the Mechanist won't open after you clear her whole bloody army!

I hate that this quest forces Ada on you, even if you decide not to bring her as the companion every stupid quest in this DLC starts and ends by talking to her. I am so sick of hearing Ada's voice I always send her off into Outpost Zimonja as soon as the quest is done just to make sure i never have to hear her same two lines she has for ambient dialogue again.

But what I hate most of all is how this entire quest highlights the stupidity with which Bethesda handled the entire concept of sentience in Fallout 4. Why are the Commonwealth robots the only ones developing past their programming and how the hell are they doing it? Even if you go with the Player Charachter is a synth theory, and Codsworth along with the Vault Tec guy were placed in your tracks to make sure you don't question your humanity, it doesn't explain how Ada, Curie or Ironside reached their awakening whatever that may even mean for this setting. Curie wasn't even locked in with programmers, they were supposed to be disease experts, which means they were doctors and biologists. This whole issue also really undercuts the issue of Synths, their sentience and their rights. Which is supposed to be the main point of this entire game.

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I am sorry for the rant guys, but I have been going through Automaton today and I had to make over 9 attempts to finally finish the stupid quest without the game completely shitting itself and the experience left me on edge. I needed to get all this off my chest.

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